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I am 33 years old female. I did not get periods for 2 months but I was getting some kind of bleeding every now and then. My gynac suggest...
For 6 months, I have been having extreme sensivity in both nipples plus a "tickling" sensation in the left breast shooting towards the le...
My partner and I had an unfortunate accident, we decided not to wear a condom (which we sometimes do), I know you can get pregnant even w...
What are the nonsurgical treatment options for stress urinary incontinence? Just found some adult diapers but not sure which one will be ...
I recently used a toy, and it was during my ovulation period. My ovulation was normal, but I noticed something unusual that I have never ...
Hi, I am 50, no period for 200 days and last period was September 21’. I’m in full perimenopause. History: endometriosis, celiac, has...
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