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Hi, I burnt the inside of my vagina after a douche. I used too much vinegar with the water. The vinegar caused the burning I'm worried be...
Hi- I had an MRI and they see a 0.8cm enhancing nodule in the left upper outer posterior breast abutting my implant. The radiologist wrot...
I’m 31F with DDD/E size breasts. I got boobs very early in life, like 8/9. At about 10/11 (as early as I remember) I felt large identical...
First it started as a lower abdominal pain bellow belly, in august i think. Later I had two times unprotected sex in 27 September and 6 o...
Can someone please help me?! I have had an onion smell and taste to my vagina it’s literally ruining my life. I have been to the doc...
me and my partner having sex i use my condom for safe sex. after i used it there is no leaks then i tie them up then put in my paper bag ...
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