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i should have done egg transfer in the end of April and i took progynova 2 weeks prior this time (18th april started for 2 weeks). i coul...
I have had female problems for all my life, really unregular periods. Went through a spell about three months ago where I had a super hea...
Hi, I too am struggling with this whole bartholin gland issue. I am so sorry to hear about all of your problems but I am grateful to rea...
FINDINGS: The breasts are heterogeneously dense, which may obscure small masses. Right breast unremarkable. Corresponding to palpable abn...
I’m 28 , not sexually active haven’t been for 7 or so years. I went to the obgyn last week they ran urine samples and std tests and every...
Hi! I am on my 11th day of being late for my period. The first day of my last period was sept. 23 and my periods are regular (28-30 day c...
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