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AnnieBrooke has been such a source of wisdom and knowledge to all in this forum. Thank you so much. You've selflessly given of yourself t...
My boyfriends pen feels like sandy when he enters me. And we have have used lubes.
My wife is 65 and has gone through menopause. Before she was all about sex and had sex with what she claims as almost 200 lovers. She s...
Hi, went for an u/s for AUB for a month, 40 years old, u/s shows the endometrial cavity thickened at 13.1mm and is heterogenous and that ...
Hi, I'm a 36 year-old female. My DHEAS level is 58 micrograms/ dL (normal values 60 - 230 micrograms/ dL according to the laboratory)....
Hello, I have never been to a gynecologist before. Yesterday after masturbating I bled a little. I thought it would stop after a while, b...
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