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Anus problem

I know this is going to sound like a fake question, and I don't mean it to.  But this is something I don't feel like going to a doctor and trying to explain.  I had my daughter 9 months ago and every since I have some kind of petrusion from my anus.  I'm assuming its from the straining of childbirth.  It doesn't come out real far, and I can push it back in.  It doesn't cause any pain or irritation, i only notice it when i'm showering.  My fiance and I have anal sex from time to time, but never too rough and it never causes any pain.  I just don't know what the bulge is, and if its something I need to worry about.  Has anyone else had anything like this?  Or what do I do about it?
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Happen to me!

I pushed so hard my anus looked like it bloomed i to a giant round red veinous flower or jello mould. I kid you not it was the size of a baseball both times. So my ? is did you push yours out giving birth. Yes, and 9 months later there is still protrusion. Call your Ob/gyn and have her peek and if its a prolapsed Rectum she will suggests surgery. You are gonna think gee its really not that serious. But it will be.  DO the surgery, DO IT! Save your self.

If you dont and have more kids it will get bigger. Then 16 years later it has gotten bigger with every constipation or stupid hemmoriod. It will be the size of a golf ball except smashed and you will feel it 24 hours a day. The itching, the pain, the mucus, and the need to moisurize, the fear your husband will think your gross (mine doesnt) but you still choose not to do sexual things you very much love because you feel gross, and simply sitting down is torture, and the fear others may notice,  TRUST ME.. im getting my fix this month. Yeah it happen to me.

I know this is all TMI but I just want you to know your not alone and what your future holds if you dont go to your ob/gyn and let her fix it. She saw you give birth and prob **** on yourself then she had to pull your leftovers out after the baby. Prolapsed Rectum aint nothing to her. Believe that.
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And i do NOT do anal anything. Period

Exit ONLY.
I'm glad to read that you're getting this taken care of. Needless to say, it sounds like it was really bad to have. The post you have added to is old, but it might help someone else reading about the problem to hear your insight about the fact that they shouldn't wait to have it seen by the doctor.
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I agree with the prolapsed rectum possibility. You know what? Next time you're in the shower, sit down, squat, spread your legs - do whatever you have to do and examine your anus when it's protruding. Then compare to online photos, some of them are VERY unsettling to look at. The gross/porn reference for it is a "pink sock" if I'm correct. The combination of anal sex and the anal pressures from childbirth could very well cause this. I would go to the doctor to see if whatever this is is reversible and just to find out what it is. If it is indeed a prolapsed rectum, it could very well get worse, esp. with continued anal sex.
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No, its not a hemorroid...  but its not causing any pain or anything so I'm just going to wait and see...
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For one you need to  give anal sex a rest. If this protrusion is what I think it is you may have an prolapsed anus which happens from the weakening of the muscles around the anus. The anal sex could have started it who knows but then the intense pushing of labor may have just been to much this can stay this way or get worse in which case you would need surgery. It may be embarassing but you should have it checked by your family doctor before it gets any worse.
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Could it be a hemorrhoid?  
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