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Period Question

I have Paragard and it's made my periods heavier and consistent. I usually spot for a few days before I really start bleeding heavily for a few days. Paragard has made my periods heavier. I also track it with an app. This month my period has been so light and I've never had a period this light to the point where I don't need a tampon. I generally have good-sized clumps of blood (clots?) pass. This time, I've barely had any. I'm concerned. I only have one partner and we haven't had intercourse since January 27th. We always use a condom even with Paragard. I had a normal period from February 1-7th. I also took 2 pregnancy tests yesterday (March 10) and they were clearly negative.

I'm concerned that this one is so light and longer all of a sudden and pregnancy or STIs aren't the answer. My partner and I have only seen each other and have been tested.

I've been spotting for about a week now.
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It's possible that you didn't ovulate last month; it's not uncommon for sometimes the body to decide not to pop out an egg. If a woman doesn't ovulate, it might not trigger the usual progesterone build-up and then cessation, which is what causes a period. See what happens this month, things will probably be normal again.
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I'm not sure, I've had a regular period for a long time. The only time I have skipped a period is after taking Plan B.
The other thing that can make a period odd is if you have an ovarian cyst from ovulating last time. If you continue to have unusual periods, see your doctor, but for this month in your shoes I would just wait and see.
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