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What is causing a suddenly long and heavy period with lots of clots?

I am trying not to panic, but this is so unusual.

I am 43 years old and my periods have always been super regular and last about 4 days. This month I thought I had skipped a period but it came about a week and a half late. I am now on day 9 of bleeding - I am not soaking through pads but the flow has not tapered and I have been passing clots the whole time. The soonest my gynecologist can see me is 5 days from now.

Everything I google leads me to
Cancer and I am really nervous. :(
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I had the same symptoms when I started peri-menopause at about 40 yrs old - after dealing with it for more than 5 yrs with sign of stopping, I finally talked my gynecologist into doing a hysterectomy since by then, I felt like I should own stock in a tampon or pad company.  

Odd, or erratic periods can also be cause by thyroid problems, so if you haven’t had a complete thyroid panel (TSH, Free T4 and Free T3), you should ask your doctor to order one.
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I found a link.  

"Heavy bleeding is common among women transitioning into menopause, the point when your body’s reproductive system stops releasing eggs. One study found that among women ages 42 to 52, more than 90% experienced periods that lasted 10 days or more — with 78% reporting their blood flow as heavy".

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I experienced that at the very beginning of menopause,  when I was just a little older than you.  A couple years of irregular but extremely heavy periods where I couldn't really be away from a restroom for more than 45 minutes.  
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Those symptoms were when I had my last miscarriage. Any chance you were pregnant?
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No chance of that.
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