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Hi! I am late for my period which never happens but I may have ovulated late too. Is it possible to ovulate on the day of your period? Ad...
I am 32 and get my period twice a month. It has been like this since I started getting my period at the age of 11. It's always been heavy...
CTScan showed air in my bladder. Did a bunch (several) of test at UCLA and am supposed to come back in September (a year out)! No UTI, de...
I'm not sure if I chose the right topic, but it sounded the best fitting. Alright, so I had a colposcopy and two biopsies on Feb. 11....
Help! I'm a 32 yr old mom and Ive been on my period for almost two weeks now. I bleed through my tampon and pad within about an hour. I'm...
I've had this symptom for ages now it's like a throbbing or a pulse/beating somewhere near my clitoris or urethra. I can't tell which one...
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