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Doctor doesn't know: lime green stain in underwear - no smell.

My discharge itself is white and normal in texture. I can see it in my underwear next to the stain. However I keep getting bright lime green stains. It's bright like highlighter. It also stains the crotch area of my pjs.  And the stain is not wet or anything to indicate it freshly came out of my vagina. It's literally like a stain, part of the fabric.

I tested negative (bv yeast gonorrhea chlamydia) and I'm having no other weird symptoms. I would really appreciate if anyone has any idea what could be going on. I've read posts on here about BLUE stains but never GREEN. Could my discharge be oxidizing bright green? Please help. Thank you
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Look up chromhidrosis. It can be several colors (yellow, green, blue, black, brown -- not just blue.) It's a reaction of sweat and the skin and substances in or on either the sweat or the skin. There are three kinds (of chromhidrosis) -- if my memory serves, each is caused by something slightly different. It's medically harmless. (Except that it's shocking or embarrassing to people, of course.) Talk to a dermatologist if your doctor is clueless. There are some websites by derm clinics that discuss it (one called "Hines Dermatology" has a lot of good information). Good luck. :-)
Thank you so much for this comment. I can't believe I may have finally found an answer. I've read about it and my only concern is that it only happens in my crotch area. In other places where I sweat, I don't experience any stain or dye. Is this normal? Or with this condition can it only happen from my vaginal sweat glands? I looked at the pictures and it does seem very similar. I'm attaching some pics for reference (one of them my discharge is visible I'm sorry if its gross, I had to make sure I got the discharge to show my doctor) : https://imgur.com/a/Hw0mM2J let me know what you think (if you're willing to ofcourse) thank you so so much. I can't stress enough how much this mystery has been bothering me.
People have written into MedHelp before who have this issue and only mention it happening in one place in their body, such as, their underarms only for example. Maybe it's because it's not just the sweat that makes things happen, the sweat has to be reacting the skin, and different parts of the body have different substances on the skin. Definitely talk to a dermatologist, this is rare enough that a garden-variety doctor simply might not know much about it.
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