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White puffy vaginal opening and urethra

Hi, so I'm 18f and I've had utis a few times in the past and one bacterial infection, but never anything like this... Two days ago while taking off my underwear I noticed a powdery white coating on the insides of my thighs near my crotch, immediately got weirded out but I was even more shocked when I took a look at my vulva. Basically the area around my vaginal opening and urethra seems to be kinda puffed up and very pale, I tried gently washing it off thinking that maybe it was discharge but nothing budged, the opening also seems more 'relaxed' and bigger than usual. Weird thing is I don't have any other symptoms, no pain or itchiness, but it looks freaky. I would greatly appreciate any help figuring out what the hell this is.
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If you've ruled out salt or minerals deposited by sweat, consider the possibility of a fungal infection, like jock itch. There are over-the-counter preparations for those, you could try one and see where you get, before seeing a doctor.
Hmm I don't think it looks like jock itch, I don't know how to explain it but like I said the holes just seem puffy and they're very soft/squishy.
Have you recently been exposed to latex, new detergents, other chemicals, or spermicides? It could be an allergic reaction.
That same day I tried on new lingerie, could it possibly be the fabric causing this? I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for the first time, but it was over a week ago, so I don't know if that could be the cause. And it's definitely not an std because we are monogamous and we've tested for them.
Try the allergy theory and wear cotton underwear (or none around the house) and take some sitzbaths. If nothing changes, see a doctor and re-test for STDs,  timing on the tests matters and it's possible to test too early.
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