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Aunt "Flo's" visit.

Hey guys, so Aunt Flo came by last month on the 31st of January. Feb doesn't have 31 days in it..only 29. So when will Aunt flo visit again? March 4th?
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Your cycle doesn't go by the calender.  It goes by the days.
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Like how many days the cycle is? Do you mean your whole entire time or does it go by how many days you have your period for? I have mine for 4-5 days. What if I don't know how long my cycle is? What can I do to figure it out?
Get some graph paper and make a chart.  Write 1 - 32 or 33 across the top (turn the paper sideways).  Those are your headings.  Every time your period comes, begin a new line under it.  Under the 1, write the calendar date when your period begins.  Use red ink for the dates of the days of your period and black ink for the dates of the other days of your month, putting the second day's calendar date under the 2, and the third day's date under the 3, etc.

     1   2   3   4   5   etc.

    19 20  21 22 23 etc.

When your next period begins, start a new line of dates under the "1."

By about three months or four months of record-keeping, you should be able to tell roughly how many days apart your periods come.  

A "cycle" is from Day 1 of bleeding to the Day 1 of the next period, it's also called a "menstrual month."  While many women have a 28-day menstrual month, not all do.
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Oops, I meant 28 days. Not 29. My bad. Excuse the typo.
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