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Birth control - am I pregnant??? Please help!!

I started my combination birth control pills on the 5th day of my periods and my boyfriend came in me on the 6th day of me being on birth control. Do I have a chance of being pregnant? I'm feeling a little anxious and would love to get some help!!! Please!!
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https://www.healthline.com/health/birth-control/how-long-does-birth-control-take-to-work  This article says that if you start on the first day of your period, you are protected right away.  But if you don't, it takes a full 7 days of the pill to then protect you.  It's your count as to what day you started it, if it was past 7 days, you're good.  
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This is the first time you've been on a packet of pills, or you just began them again after a period?
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I took them once before this period cycle. But I didn't give a 7 day gap, i started this around around 8-9 days  after I took my last pill from my previous pack
Oh wait, sorry, I started it on the on the 7th day (6 days after my previous 21 days pack got over).
The first month someone takes birth-control pills, the couple is supposed to use supplemental birth control such as condoms, because the woman's body might not get the message from the hormones in the pill fast enough to prevent ovulation. But the second month, especially with only a 7-day gap for your period, the pills should work as they are intended. Take your active pills at about the same time of day every day, and you should find your birth control works as intended.

If you ever have doubts, such as, you missed a couple of pills and then had some spotting or breakthrough bleeding, use condoms for the rest of that month.

There should be more information in the FAQ's in the packet of pills, and possibly an 800 number to call with questions, as well. If not, your doctor or pharmacist can tell you what you need to know. But it sounds like you're doing it correctly.
Thank you so much!!
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