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Brown discharge negative test

I have been experiencing brown discharge for 7 days and my period is supposed to start tomorrow. My last period was on the 4th of September and Ive experienced pregnancy symptoms such as food aversion, cravings, swollen breasts and pain, nausea, fatigue, etc. I'm on birth control but i missed a couple pills. I took a first response pregnancy test and it came back negative.  The brown discharge I've experienced has lasted longer than my normal period which is usually 6 days. Can anyone tell me if I should be worried?
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Hi there. Actually brown discharge can be very normal.  Brown discharge is old blood. Many women begin their period and end their period with this.  And if they spot midcycle, it is often brown.  Women spot typically due to something like a hormonal imbalance which isn't serious but can be investigated by a doctor.

And speaking of brown discharge and hormonal imbalances, since you missed some of your pills, that would explain it.  Remember, you are probably not safe and should use a back up method of birth control for the time being.  And try to take your pills the proper way to avoid this in the future.  good luck
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Yes, you should be worried. Any brown discharge before, during, and after a period is not good.  You should make an appt with your Dr. They may refer you to a Urologist for further testing.
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