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Okay so..Last night I got really horny and carried away with masturbating, and I used an old bottle of nail polish remover, it still had some in it but I washed myself afterwards really well.. Awkward, I know. But Just an hour or so ago I started having to pee very frequently but its very little. And it burns. What should I do?
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You need to ask a parent to take you to see the doctor urgently and take a sample of your urine for the doctor to test.

It is likely that you have bruised yourself and damaged the inside lining, or you now have a urine infection.  Because a female body has a short urethra, (the hole where your pee comes from) it is very easy for germs to get up there and cause a urine infection.

Although it hurts to pee, you must drink plenty of fluids and especially water.  If you do have any Bicarbonate of Soda in the house, (made sure it is Bicarbonate of Soda), you can put a teaspoonful of that into a large glass of water and drink it.  This will neutralise the acid urine that is giving sensations of burning when you pee.

The most important lesson, I hope that you have learned, is NEVER put anything up into your vagina that is not intended to be put up there.  Using your fingers to masturbate is fine.

Get a parent to make an appointment for you urgently.
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You were too rough and caused tears in the lining of vagina & it burns when urine hits it. Drink water to flush out anything. And cranberry juice. You should be fine in a day or so.if not go to Dr.
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Really, we are also not animals to grab a nail polish bottle and do this.  Your playing with fire to get that carried away.  good luck
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