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Hi!For the past few months i have realised that there are 1-2 days in each cycle when i have severe headache and nausea.I did not understand this at first bcoz 2 months i had this problem after an air travel so thought it could be a jet lag.However for the last 2-3 months i have noticed that this happens even when i am at home.This month i have been having a very bad headache and nausea since yesterday.And my temperatures have risen from yesterday morning perhaps indicating that i ovulated the day before(I could anyways trace my 5 fertile days from the cervical mucous as well).My question is whether this could be related to the rising progesterone levels following ovulation or could there be some other reason.Any advice would be helpful.....
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Headaches can definitely be a part of a woman's cycle, and they come at different times for each woman.  Fluctuating hormone levels can do crazy things, but usually things like Advil/Motrin/Midol will work for me.  Funny, I never have symptoms around af time, I only have symptoms when ovulating.
that is true
Do you get these kaveh62?  I sure do!!  Definitely hormones play a role in my getting headaches.  Do you take anything for it?
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I had that same problem when I was younger and my gyn said that it could possiably be caused by stress. I was prescribed Maxalt wich is for migranes and it helped with my headache and nausea. I hope that this was some help tp you
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Thanks.Even i dont have headaches or nausea around af.Its only around ovulation that this happens.I am ttc so is it ok if i take these medicines?
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