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I'm 19 and I have symptoms of infection but no infection!!

Current age: 19 (started at 18). Symptoms: brown vaginal discharge, very strong foul fishy odour, pain (within the vagina and sensitivity at the clitoris, sometimes a light 'shock' feeling). Duration: ~1.5 years. This began abruptly, at first discharge was white, smell was fishy and there was no pain. The doctor suggested this as a yeast infection - antifungals made it worse. Other doctors noted it was BV - antibiotics did not help. Symptoms intensified over time (stronger smell, pain, more brown discharge). I've done many tests for BV, yeast infections and they came back negative. I'm not sexually active, never had sex before. pH test stripes indicate alkalinity, pH restoring gels helped on one occasion only and the effect lasted 1 day only (potentially a fluke). The symptoms are demoralizing and discomforting. A few months ago the smell was reduced for a few weeks (no obvious reason). The doctors say have no clue.

All the specialists I have consulted so far tell me they don't really understand the issue. I've been told it could potentially be a form of dermatitis but the steriod cream provided little help and made my vagina feel somewhat worse. I've tried antibiotics and antifungals many times, for some of the courses I was on higher doses. At first, the antibiotics changed the colour of the discharge (to white/milky) but there was still discharge nonetheless, and lots of it. The pain was reduced for the time (and maybe a few days after) I was on antibiotics, but again, the pain was still present. The symptoms then returned to their full intensities in a matter of days. Sometimes there was no obvious response to the antibiotics. I've never douched or washed the inside of my vagina with soap and there were no abrupt changes in lifestyle before it occurred. It came out of nowhere. Probiotics helped make the symptoms manageable for some time but now they have little to no effect.

I've been to specialists and they seem confused. Is there anyone else out there with a similar issue, that has found some sort of cure?

please help this is attacking me emotionally.
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I don't have an answer but have similar symptoms (discharge, odor), except no pain. I'm 22 and also have never had sex. My symptoms started maybe 2 years ago. I am wondering if you notice any cyclical changes. My issues seem to come and go with my menstrual cycle. Right after my period, I have no unusual discharge or odor. Then right before ovulation I get lots of watery discharge ranging from light yellow to light brown and odor. The discharge then changes to the "egg white" consistency and odor subsides. Then for the week or so leading up to my period, I have the light brown discharge and terrible odor. I end up having to change liners throughout the day. I am starting to think this may be hormone related...
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I know you mentioned that you haven't had sex before but if you're in a relationship currently, how would you 'hide' the symptoms such as the smell?
Clean regularly with water, avoid any type of washes/deodorants/etc. in the area because they will cause more irritation. Sweat makes the odor worse, so keep your underwear dry. Some days I'll use a Vagisil powder designed for the area. Make sure what you use does NOT have talcum in it since that can cause cancer. When I'm less stressed, I get less discharge and less odor. This is all I have until I find a permanent solution! I'm currently trying to cut out meat & dairy since they can cause hormonal imbalances & inflammation, which can contribute to spotting & vaginal discharge changes.
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Hi there.  Sorry this has been such an ordeal for you!  Yeesh, I'm sure you are frustrated.  Okay, so I have a question.  Have they checked your actual hormone levels?  Light brown discharge means you have spotting which happens sometimes when we produce too much progesterone naturally.  My mom had that exact issue of brown discharge.  She worked with her doctor to get her hormones balanced.  You may be a candidate for the pill to do this. I would absolutely check that out.  

Secondly, have you tried daily probiotics?  This helps keep things balanced in terms of your natural flora.  This could also potentially help.

Have you ever been checked for a rectovaginal fistula?  It's really rare but it would leak feces into your vagina,  Again, this would be extremely rare.  
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