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Inflammatory Vaginitis

I was recently diagnosed with inflammatory vaginitis, and no dcotor can seem to tell me the cause or what triggered this problem. Has anyone else heard of this problem, and had success in treating it? Has anyone had a life-long complications from it? This is all very new to me, and upsetting considering I've never had a problem before in my life.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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I was recently diagnosed with Inflammatory vaginitis also.  The doctor said it is very rare. I was given cortisone to use vaginally twice a week and premarin.  The premarin caused problems and so he stopped it.  Last week he told me that I would take the cortisone the rest of my life and to come back to see him in a year.  I am confused with this and am searching the internet for information.  That is when I found your link. I would also like any information on this subject.
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i too have inflamation of the virina and when i have sexual intercoure it gets inflamed and bleeds could this be inflammatory vaginis are they the right sytotoms of this ? if eny one help ?
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I have a problem with sex, I can't have intercourse because it feels like little peices of glass are being put inside me. What are the symtoms of imflam. vaginitis?
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After many tests which were all negative for bacteria and infections, and much research of my own, I believe I have desquamative inflammatory vaginitis.  I have yellow discharge and soreness.  I have been told that they do not know what causes it and therefore do not know what cures it. I am on a trial of Clindamycin cream every other night for 6 weeks to see if that works.  I've not been diagnosed, my Dr is doing an elimination thing to see what may work. Can't find any definite answer anywhere.
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I was diagnosesd with desquamative inflammatory vaginitis.  My doctor told me its an auto-immune response where for whatever reason, your vagina decides to continually shed cells.  The yellow discharge they tested showed lots of white blood cells and strep, which are classic conditions.  I can emphathize with you - this has been going on for about four months.  My doctor tried me on estrogen and hydrocortison suppositories on a taper for about 5 weeks.  It worked great for awhile, but my symptoms have returned.  I head back to my doc tomorrow.  I am sore, itchy, and generally uncomfortable.  Maybe the estrogen would work for you.  How is the Clindamycin working for you?  
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i had a pap smear test done and  the results were negative no cervical cancer.however it revealed that i have cellular changes associated with inflammatory effects and i should do an (HVS) High Vaginal Swab test.can anyone tell me what this means.have an appointment wt my docter but that is quite on the  3rd nxt month.i know it is some sort of infection but am worried as to the extent of the problem.
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