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Is it normal to bleed from anus after masterbation

I'm female, and just masterbated vaginally, but all a sudden there is a bloody discharge from my anus. Is this normal? Masterbation was vaginally not anal.
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Unless the discharge was something else from your anus and mixed with blood from masturbating that came from your vagina, it doesn't seem like the two things would be connected. You might have eaten something that gave you the bloody discharge or even have hemorrhoids.
Thank you for your response. I think the blood was actually from a hemorrhoid.
Sounds logical. Try witch hazel, either poured from the bottle onto a cotton ball, or just buy a jar of "Tucks." People who have had hemorrhoids say they work really well.
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Ouch.  Did you have any pain?  Our anus is a tender area and I'd be careful with that.  You also want to be very careful of hygiene.  Mixing anything from your anus near your vagina or clitoral can result in transference of bacteria and UTI's or infections.  So, just really be careful.  (this is why we wipe from front to back verses back to front as well).  Okay, re reading what you wrote. You were masturbating vaginally  and had blood on your anus.  Okay, yes. That could have been it just moving there from your vagina (and maybe you hurt yourself during vaginal masturbation (our cervix is very vascular and we can get a bleed if we aggravate that) or you starting your period during it, etc.  If you continue to have blood from your anus, you need to see a doctor right away. Is it from masturbation of the vaginal area?  No, probably not, but still needs evaluation.  
Thank you for your response! I think the bleeding was actually from a hemorrhoid.
That would make sense!  I had those really horribly bad when pregnant and right after.  Here's what the hospital said to do which worked for me.  Use prep H, then the next time you go to the restroom, use a tucks wipe and leave it in your underpants.  Then the next time you go to the bathroom, use prep H again and continue to alternate.  Good luck!
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