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Late period, white brief odor discharges, always cold, not pregnant

Hello. I am currently late on my 5th day.. However I know i an not pregnant because i got my period last month and was never sexually active afterwards.
I have discharge, as well as i am always cold and tired along with headaches ( but maybe due to being in the cold  )
I have visited my gyno about a month ago as well and all was great through physucal examination and ultrasound. ( so an annual )
I am worried there is something wrong like an illness or so..  
I previously had a late period but being always cold and sleepy / tired is odd.
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Being late from time to time is perfectly normal for women even if it isn't your own norm. First time for everything.  Things that make us late are changes in routine, stress, illness, weight gain or loss.  If there is no chance you could be pregnant, don't worry.  Your period will come.  If you have discharge, you can determine if it has an odor that is bad, then go to doctor to be checked for bacterial vaginosis (discharge is usually thin grey and watery) OR if you have itching which could be yeast.  

Otherwise, I'm sure your period is on its way.  good luck
Thank you for your response!
That is what am worried about if i have an illness !

This fatigue and ache and being cold got me worried!
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Everyone gets colds once and a while and that is nothing to worry about.  I have a question .  .   . are you suffering anxiety?  That can really make worrying and over worrying about your health overwhelming.  If you find you are constantly questioning your health, you may consider that anxiety is the real reason.  AND that can make you late for your period if it is a particularly bad spell of it.  Anxiety is treatable. Tell me if you think that is playing a role at all.
I am a MAJOR OCD about my health. If I feel anything mild i would take it places no one wants to take!
I used to see my GYNO every 2 weeks and visit my physician almost everytime i feel something.
To the point where i asked to get teated for HSV2 when i dont have symptoms ans it came back positive and that even threw me off the cliff.
However... Upon the expert advice here and my other physican i got told its a Low positive and actually a false negative.
My anxiety calmed about that but I wont lie lol i still jump from time to time and always check myself out..
If you are as likely to rush to the doctor as you say, I'm surprised you haven't seen a therapist about the OCD.  It's very treatable. Ask your regular doctor for a referral to someone who specializes in people with anxiety and OCD.
I have been trying to reach a therapist. Believe it or not . they are so hard to reach.. Waiting lists and all that!
Very frustrating.
Specialmom. I gor mt period! It was 7 days late.. Pretty normal I suppose however i have noticed that my bleeding is poor in the last 3 cycles I had.
What i am trying to say is. The bleeding is less than usual.
Thoughts ?  
I appreciate the waiting list comment, but if you work with your regular doctor to get in to a therapist, they might be able to make some calls for you. It doesn't sound like physically you have anything wrong. Just anxiety and stress. Take the push to get an anxiety therapist really seriously, it's much more important than the physical indicators you obsess about.
Hey there, I totally agree that therapists can be hard to get into depending on where you live.  It's a good idea to get on a waiting list.  However, I think you probably need a psychiatrist.  Part of treating OCD often requires medication and they have many effective options these days also with few side effects.  So, this may be the case with you.  I see someone has mentioned CBD oil which is the latest and greatest idea for treating anxiety.  And there is research that it works.  However, OCD is under the umbrella of anxiety disorders and is more particular.  I would not go the self treatment route before working with a psychiatrist and therapist because believe probably traditional routes are probably your best route to feeling better.  

I'm glad you got your period.  :>)  Perhaps it is late and bleeding is different it is because of your hormone levels.  You can get these checked but usually that is nothing at all to worry about and you are because you are over questioning everything regarding your body and health due to your anxiety/ocd.  We want to help with that and are here to talk about it. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/fighting-fear/201305/the-treatment-health-anxiety
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Periods that are irregular or light can come from stress or being underweight (athletes have this happen a lot). If it continues, you could have your doctor run hormone tests, but I'd bet on stress as the culprit, since you say you are OCD on your health.
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