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Mainly brown light period?

I'm a 17 year old female and never have had sex. I have had my period since I was about 12-13. They have been fairly regular, but may alter a few days every few months. My period is due to start on Wednesday, June 1st, but started Friday the 27th. Friday and Saturday were completely composed of just light brown discharge. Sunday and now Monday have been brown discharge with very light blood. This is very irregular for me, usually I will have brown discharge at the start of my period for a short amount of time, and then after for a day or so. My period is usually also fairly heavy for the first two days (three tampons for a whole day). I was just wondering what this means and if it's anything to be concerned about. My last period was a little funky, came almost a week late but was regular as usual after that.

I've also been under a lot of stress recently if that could have anything to do with it. Finishing school and moving houses along with traveling in the past two months. I also have never been on birth control.
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Being stress out has a lot to do with having a regular period and flow. Once your life get back on track so will your period. It also might help to cut back on process food. The brown discharge is simply old blood leftover from the last period.
If you are still having problems once you become stress free, you may want to visit your GYN to rule out issues such as fibroids.
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