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Menstrual Problem?

i am 20 years old.. never been through Premarital Sex or never have intercourse..i have a regular mestrual cycle before when i was 17-18 years old but when months past I missed my period for 6 months (thats year 2009) and after 6 months my period got back to its regular cycle and i reached 19 years old (my bday is march 27, 2010) until July 2010 my period is normal but when its August 2010 its back to its abnormal way and missed my period until now (its already September 2011 so it means i missed my period for 1 year and 1 month or maybe 2 months because its almost October 2011) but am not pregnant and i never been gone to a GYNECOLOGIST because im afraid on what my the result be but i consult a friend of mine who is an ONCOLOGIST Doctor and she said that i should see an OB-GYN.. what am i gonna do? should i go see an OB-GYN (im afraid) or not? Can someone help me pls... Give me your feedbacks or answer pls.. I REALLY BADLY NEEDED HELP or SOME ADVICES PLS!!!! HELP ME!!!
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What you are having is secondary amenorrhea. Causes of secondary amenorrhea include stress and anxiety, malnutrition, depression, overexercising, sudden weight loss or gain (obesity),thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalance due to polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS). Most of these causes have been ruled out. Sometimes tumors of the ovaries and brain may also cause absence of menstruation.

I suggest you to get it evaluated from a gynecologist.
I hope it helps. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Hi! Dr. Kaur.. Thanks alot for replying on my post.. It's good to have or got a medical advice from a doctor.. Thanks alot Dr for the info's that you share.. It really helps.. I decided to see a doctor maybe tomorrow or on the next day because my ATM is not arrived yet so i have to wait but i hope im fine :(.. pray for me.. I am very afraid what may the result of my tests be because i did not tell my mom about my condition because am afraid she'll be mad and think that i have entered the adult things which is i did not do ever since.. Anyway i have to tell you something Dr. Kaur, i have a history background of Breast Cancer i mean my father's family has a Medical History of Breast Cancer because my grandmother died of Breast Cancer when i was a kid, then my father's youngest sister operated by Breast Cyst on her Right Breast and the saddest part is that i got it also for almost 2 or 3 years when i was in High school our school doctor found it because of our medical check up routine at school, and we did not treat it in that time because my father got ill also and we dont have much budget left until when i go to my college life (2nd year College life after my father died) someone shared my mom an Alternative Medicine that may help me and the good news is that because of that alternative supplement my Breast Cyst was all gone until now but now all i have is this menstrual problem and i hope i dont have any cyst again coz im afraid of it.. Thanks alot.. I pray that after my consultation it will be a good news for me.. Pls pray for me Dr. Kaur.. You really also helped me decide to see an OB-GYN.. I'll get back to you whenever i got my results after my consultation.. Thanks alot.. God bless..
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thanks alot for the info's that you share.. it really helps.. i decided to see a doctor maybe tomorrow or on the next day because my ATM is not arrived yet so i have to wait but i hope im fine :(.. pray for me.. thanks alot.. you helped me decide..
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Firstly, don't be scared.  There could be many reasons why you're missing your periods, and most of them are quite benign. One reason could just be that they haven't settled down yet, or you're stressing about them - that can cause missed periods: the more you stress, the less they happen!

There are, however, several physical reasons why you could be missing your period.  Are you eating properly, or have you lost a lot of weight recently? That can effect them.

I would seriously advise going to see an Gynae. I know they're scary things, but there's not a lot they can say that will be worse than what your brain is putting you through!. I suffered missing periods for many many years, and never said anything. A chance blood test revealed that I have poly-cystic ovaries. This is where the ovary gets the egg ready to release, but doesn't release it. It means that I won't be able to conceive easily naturally. But it can be sorted by medication. I had an ultrasound scan and they saw the cysts and said that's what it was.

If you're scared, take someone with you. They can't do tests without your permission. And it's better to get this sorted now, rather than much further down the line...

Good luck
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