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Missed Periods

Hello Doctor,
I am 21 years old.
I had my last period on 26th of May. Usually my periods are 5 days long but last time, they ended properly in 4 days.
Then I had unprotected intercourse for 5 days but my bf didn’t come inside me. We are damn sure about it.
I got urine infection after that so I took doctor prescribed medicine.

Then, I got brown discharge for almost 2 weeks.
Now it’s more than 35 days. Today’s it’s 3 july and I didn’t get my periods. I ate a lot of pastries, cakes, lots of sweet stuff and non veg diet last month and had gained 2 kg. Earlier my weight was 45 and I came home and gained 2 kgs.

I have a history of hormonal imbalances. I get cystic acne on my face everytime my hormones get disturbed. Doctor told me that my hormones fluctuate a lot but I have never missed my periods before. This is the first time.

I have also got clear blue home pregnancy test twice. Once in the evening and once in the morning. It was negative both times.

I am a bit conscious why i am not getting periods?
Whenever i get periods, i feel warmth in my abdomen and this time, I am feeling the warmth but no periods.

I am in Germany at the moment . Didn’t go to the doctor yet.
Can you please explain me whether it’s fine or not. I am not feeling sick. I just feel sometimes irritated like pre menstrual sundrome.
Again i got cystic acne on my face.

What do you think? What’s the reason behind all this..
I was thinking to go to doctor if I miss my next cycle too...

Please do let me know
Thank you.  
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Periods can be late for many reasons- stress, travel, a medical condition, etc... pregnancy is also one of those reasons.  Since you got negative tests, it's not likely that you are pregnant, but you should be aware that unprotected sex, is a risk for pregnancy always- it doesn't matter if he pulled out, pre-*** can also contain sperm which you can get pregnant from.  You can wait another week and take another test- or just head to a doctor for an opinion on what factors are contributing to you being late.  
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