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i need some help. im 21, indian, 195lbs, 5'8 majority of my fat is stored in my belly and been diagnosed with PCOS at 18. i first got my periods at 14 and since then i have had irrgeular light periods. till this date i miss 3 months straight without getting any periods. ive never taken birth controls and for the first time in the sonogram they found a 4cm cyst on my left ovary and i have a thin uterus lining. Doctor gave me Junel FE 30mg. I have never taken any medications before for anything and I was also worried if this would actually treat my cysts but I was researching and it said that to not take the medication if youhave history of breast cancer. MY grandmother had breast cancer at the age of 50. Should  I be worried about infertility, and would this birth control be safe? Please help desperately needed. I dont want to take birth control if it really isnt needed. Also I dont trust me doctor, because she always wants to see me for less than 5 minutes and kick me out asap. I dont think she knows what shes doing and need another opinion.
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Take the Brac test. It's expensive but they do payment arrangements and it'll better situate you for knowing where you stand as far as breast cancer. Also, if you are uncomfortable with your doctor, find a new one. Period. I kept a gyno I didn't much like because he was highly recxommendwd and ended up losing an ovary due to his pure laziness in the operatig room. Instead of taking the time to extricate my perfectly healthy ovary from the mass of tissue frim cysts surrounding it, he just removed the mass. Since then, i have had four surgeries on my other ovary and what do you know? It's still there AND I HAVE A BABY. Do not stick with gyno you don't like. A second opinion is always within your right.  Changing doctors is always in your right.
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Hi Kippie

I am sorry you've got a cyst causing you trouble. With PCOS, chances are you will have more troublesome cysts in the future.  I have PCOS also. It sounds like, your doc is hoping the birth control pills will resolve your cyst. It is common to try birth control for a month or two for certain types of cysts. I have actually had large painful cysts that had to be removed surgically. I hope the Junel does the trick and your feeling better in no time. You can double check with your doctor or pharmacist that short term use is ok with your concerns and family history. Best wishes to you!
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