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PCOS suspicion.

In my past my periods haven't been terribly regular, and I am almost always a little late. However lately, instead of being a little I am now up to weeks late and this month i haven't had a period at all.
The past few years I have put on a lot of weight also which I always put down to the pill, but now I am off it i have seen no difference.
The past month I have also noticed a lot if hair growth on my chin, and I have to regularly pluck it with tweezers, weekly.

I know these factors are common symptoms with polycystic ovary syndrome.
Could anyone help or give me any suggestions. Will my doctor be willing to investigate my theory?
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Hi there.  Well, yes, it could be PCOS.  Also look into hypothyroidism.  I myself suffered hypothyroidism in my 20's and had the symptoms you do.  It can often go hand in hand with depression if that is an issue for you at all.  I really think you should set up an appointment with your gynocologist for a full exam to get to the bottom of what might be going on.  Lots of luck to you dear.
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Also I have had two negative pregnancy results this month so I'm assuming I'm just late, not pregnant.
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