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Poking feeling at the end of urinating

I am unfortunately back. As I am away from home, I don't have access to a gyno or any near testing center.
I am trying not to ruin my vacation. But I return in a month unfortunately.

I have realized yesterday that when I urinate, and clench my vagina at the end (lol) I feel a needle sensation. So odd. I have had lower back pain for a few days now, I assumed it is the 14-hour flight I took 6 days ago?
I am slightly itching but that could be from anything. I have irregularly gotten my period because I missed many doses of my BC.

Before I left I got treated for Ureaplasma via my gyno, one dose of antibiotic that is dissolved in water. (Not sure if i should have put warm water, because there was a lot of antibiotic residues, i wonder if that affects treatment)

I have not been engaged in unprotected sex. But "stealthing " has been on my mind I am not going to lie. And it is making me sick to my stomach.

Last sexual encounter, Thursday the 29th of October.

Could it be unresolved Ureaplasma? UTI? STD?
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Those are clear symptoms of a urinary tract infection.  I would find an urgent care and have your urine tested.  This is nothing to freak out about so just get your urine tested for bacteria.  Wow, vacation for a month in the middle of the pandemic.  You are brave.  
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I have also had cramps!
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