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Post tubligation

I had my tubligation operation on Feb. 2, 2006.  I am 26 and never wanted children and found a doctor after 6 years of looking that would do the procedure. Well in the last few months since my operation I have experienced  depression, periods every two weeks with the most horrible pain.  I have to change tampons every two hours from heavy bleeding.  My mood swings are unbeleivable I can be fine one moment and want to take your head off the next.  I am afriad and really don't know if this has to do with my tubligation but I have never felt this way before and it is scarey.  My depression is affecting my work, my family and friends relationships.  I'm at my wits end but don't know what to do about it.
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Here is a link that may help you to understand some of the things that may happen after a tubal...


Sounds like serious complications to me, and definitely should see your doctor as soon as possible!
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I agree, im almost 30 and I just had a tubal cauterization done in March of 2006 and have felt the same thing. My doctor has offered to put me on a anti-depression to help me through it, but I want to see if i can do it on my own first. Talk to your doctor and see what he says.
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Thank you all I will be going to my doctors. I hate feeling this way but I will get through it
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hi there ive had tubilogation after my 3rd c-section back in november 2007 and all ive experienced is like browny discharge b4 actuall period which i never got b4 and heavy bleeding.that was 3 months ago so hopefully things will get better for you. also i know what your goin through with the depression thing i developed it after my 2nd child and still have it on and off now like its never left me. good luck anyway hope you feel better soon
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I had a tubal ligation almost 4 years ago and ever since have had the same brown discharge before my period, peiod lasting over a week, painful cramps and horrible mood swings. I NEVER had all this before!
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my name is tonya and i had my tubes tied 2009,and i have mood changes everyday and i was not like this before i got my tubes tied.i wish now i would'nt have got my tubes tied cause iam always upset,and i don't no why.
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