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Thick white fishy discharge

Can someone help, I am getting thick white fishy discharge from my vagina and I'm getting this every day with pain in my vagina and stomach above my pubic bone, pain in pelvis, irregular cycles, painful periods and urinary urgency. Urine tests come back clear and an ultrasound done in 2009 was normal but my symptoms I feel need investigating and I have been sexually active recently.

I'm worried about my doctor arranging for me to have a pelvic exam. Will I need to have this? If so it will be my first pelvic exam and I don't want the nurse or doctor to do anything to me I don't like.

Thank you.
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It does sound very much like you have a bacterial infection.

2009 was a long time ago and things can change a lot in that time.

Your doctor is likely to get the nurse to take a swab from the vaginal area to send to the laboratory for testing.

He may not need to do that and may know what the condition you have and may decide to treat it with prescribing you with a pessary (a tablet to insert into the vagina), and may also prescribe a specific antibiotic to treat this condition.

Do not have any sex until you are well healed.  You will only pass on the infection and will get reinfected again if your sexual partner is not treated.

It can be embarrassing to have an internal examination or a swab taken, but remember that the nurse and doctor have seen these things before and they are there to help you.  So don't worry about it.  

Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor and tell him your symptoms.   Your may also have a urinary infection too as well as vaginal infection.
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Thank you. I've been told with recent urine dipstick tests that I have no urine infection. Is that possible?
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Sorry I misunderstood when you had the urine tests done.  I now presume that it was quite recently.
The urine dip sticks are a pretty good indicator with some problems.  
Urine dipsticks don't show up vaginal infections.  

The cloudy urine is likely to be from the vaginal fluids, but can sometimes be a sign of a urinary infection.  Urinary urgency can be from other causes, but it is always best to check out a urinary infection.  

Get the vaginal problems sorted out urgently and if the urine problem still persists, you will need further investigation into that.

Make sure that you still drink plenty of fluids and especially water.  2 litres (4 pints) of water a day is usually recommended, but more if you sweat.  
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Thank you.
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I also have the same problem but minus the pain-part. I don't feel itching or burning on my private part or any other pain that's got to do with my private area. I've just got a heavy discharge from my vagina, sometimes it's just clear.. But sometimes, when I urinate there's small drops of white and creamy with fishy odor that appears. My menstruation is regular though.. what's wrong with me? I only have sex with only one person once or twice a month.. I don't take any pills.. Is my heavy drinking of alcohol contributes to my problem? What should I do? It frustrates the hell out of me 'cause I have to change underwear 'cause it keeps my undies wet and smelly. Pls help.. What home remedies shoud I try before I go to any doctor? PLS HELP.. It really affect how I act around people and especially to my boyfriend.. I'm always paranoid that they might notice..
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Don't use perfumed soaps, bath or shower gels to wash down below.  Use non perfumed soap or one that has the same pH level as our skin.  Baby washes may be fine.

Wear cotton pants, the manmade fabric ones will make you sweat more.

Use detergents that do not have strong perfumes and use the non biological ones.

Always wash after having sex.  If you can't get to have a wash or feel to tired to wash straight away, do go and have a pee and wash in the morning.

If you use condoms when you have sex, use the latex free ones as you may have an allergy to the latex.

As you are having a fishing smelling discharge, but have no soreness or itchiness on the outside virginal area, I suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor to get a swab taken to be sent to the laboratory to identify if you do have any bacterial problem that needs treating appropriately.

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