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Urinary Incontinence after natural childbirth

Does anyone have an issue with this?  Like when you sneeze, do a jumping jack, cough?  Child birth can wreak havoc on those muscles . . .   and wondering if anyone has this issue after having natural child birth
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I did not have this problem after natural / vaginal childbirth. But I have had mild problems with this as well as occasional leaking (and a host of other problems) since an (unwarranted) hysterectomy.
It's such a pain in the rear, isn't it?  I like to do an exercise class . . . and I have to be super careful I don't embarrass myself. There I admit it!  Maybe it is because I'm older too but I did NOT have this problem until I had kids.  And I had my kids at an older age too.  

How do you handle it?  I have my own strategy. I'll share if you will.
It is annoying! Thankfully, I have not embarrassed myself... yet! Morning is the worst for two reasons 1) my bladder doesn't empty completely especially first thing in the morning, and 2) coffee (it may be the caffeine) exacerbates it. I try to get my coffee in well before I leave the house. I don't drink too much water before exercising. I drink during and after. That usually works well to prevent leaking. I don't have much of a problem with sneezing or coughing if my bladder isn't full.

What works for you? Thanks for sharing!
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So, this is going to sound weird . . . but I got the idea from those incontinence commercials.  And then noticed this working . . .   putting a tampon in.  Swear this prevents any type of 'big' leak if I do a jumping jack set at the gym with the class.  Why would that work?  All I can think is it is the same strategy as those 'poise' things.  I also notice that when I am about 5 pounds heavier, it is worse.  I empty, re empty before I go anywhere.  Like I go to the bathroom twice.  

Have you ever done any of the yoga targeted for the pelvic floor?
Yes tampons! I read that somewhere too but the poster said or implied that it acts like a pessary but it doesn't seem like it could. But if it works what the heck! Sometimes I have to pee / dribble right after peeing too.

My alarm just went off to do my jumping jacks! They can bring on some leakage if my bladder is full.
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Wow, you set an alarm to do jumping jacks?  I am impressed.  LOL  Yes, those are dangerous for me.  And it appears I always must have 'some' pee because that almost always can create an issue. The tampon helps though. Not sure what the mode of action is there.  

I'm going to look for some yoga tips for this issue and will share when I find them.  Let me know if you see any.  

Do you find drinking certain things makes it worse?  I know you say caffeine and coffee.  That makes sense, the diuretic part of it.  I  notice it with iced tea that is not caffeinated.  
My intention is to do 50 jumping Jacks every evening but I only do them half the time. They should be good for bone density but probably not the best for my pelvic floor. :/

Do you do Kegels? I've read that you have to do them regularly and it takes awhile to see improvement. I drink mostly coffee and water and some milk and wine. Coffee is the main problem.

Hope you find something that helps!
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