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Vaginal Pain while urinating 2 days after second time sex

Me and my boyfriend had protected sex for the second time and we used protection and everything, only vaginal, no anal or anything. We are eachothers first partners, and neither of us have STDs. Couple days after the intercourse, i felt stinging and burning vaginal pains when i urinated and some drops of blood would follow as well. I also had to urinate again after about two minutes after the first time but not much came out. My bf was also fingering me earlier and that hurt a little. Is this because of the sex, or do i have some type of infection???
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hey honey i wouldent worry sex for the first few times hurt for many women it could be just that because it was your first time you may hurt for a day or two i wouldent panic if the pain continues i would go see your gp just to put your mind at ease xx chin up babes it happens to us all x
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Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor.

The symptoms that you present are those of Cystitis which a bladder infection.

It is very common to get this type of infection because the urethra is much shorter in women and the bacteria travels up.

This is also sometimes referred to as the "Honeymoon Syndrome" and is very common with having rampant sex.

In the meantime drinks lots of water - at least 3 litres.  To help ease the sensation of stinging when you urinate, put a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda into a glass of water and drink this all up.  You can do this twice more with one hour in between each dose.  This will neutralise the acidity of the urine that is causing the aggravation.

Make an urgent appointment to see our doctor and take a mid stream morning urine sample in a clean container for the doctor to examine.  You can do a sample at the surgery and they will supply you with a sterile urine container.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes.
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You probably have a uti since its only your first few times, get some cranberry juice if your not allergic and drink the entire bottle(it helps cleanse your digestive system so it will help get any irritating bacteria out of your urinary tract) you should feel a lot better in a day or two and if you dont feel better then i would consider going to urgent care
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