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Vaginal Strep in a Non Pregnant Woman

Hi,  I had been having lots of itching, burning and a brownish discharge for two weeks after a fun sex filled weekend with a boyfriend whom I only see every two months or so.  This happens often and I have always treated it as a possible yeast infeciton.  This time it didn't go away and so I saw my ob/gyn.  She took a culture and found strep B, which has nothing to do with Strep A that creates strep throat.  She said she could give me antibiotics to make it go away but then I would get a yeast infeciton from the antibiotics and then we'd have to use another cream etc.  She said just to let it ride it's course.  Now it's been three and ahalf weeks and it's better but not all healed.  Does anyone have any ideas about treating this or preventing this?  Every article on the internet has to do with Strep B in prenatal women (when it is very dangerous for the baby) and nothing about Strep B for regular women in their 40's like me :)  Thanks, I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever been treated for this disease or any doctors out there.
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I had GBS for 5 years, and a 6 day course of antibiotics cleared up the problem.  I used a Z-pack, and it cleared the problem right up.
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I am on my 3rd doc.  What is the idea of sending you to a PA?  Then you tell them sex hurts and they want you to go to therapy.  Sex would not hurt if one of these so called smart physicians assists could figure out how to treat this strep b, which I have had now for over year.
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TO ALL WHO HAVE BEEN TOLD YOU HAVE A YEAST INFECTION THAT WON'T GO AWAY.  GET TESTED FOR GROUP B STREP AND HAVE THE CULTURE SENT FOR CULTURE AND SENSITIVITY TESTING!!!!!!  Most doctors will tell you that Group B Strep (GBS) has no symptoms.  That is not true.  It is painful, it burns, a yellowish thick discharge appears and the vagina can turn beet red.  You need to have a culture and sensitivity test performed on the specimen to see what antibiotic will actually kill the bacteria.   A lot of times, doctors will prescribe any antibiotic and most are not effective against GBS. In fact some, like clindamycin, will actually induce the bacteria, making matters worse.  Levofloxacin is a common antibiotic used to treat GBS.  However, you must take it with Diflucan to prevent yeast and a probiotic to restore nature Flora at the same time.  Also, a ten day treatment plan can work well.  Shorter term treatments may cause bacteria to return.  Good luck and use this comment to EDUCATE your doctors.  Most are unaware that GBS CAN CAUSE PAINFUL SYMPTOMS.
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Can you please tell me the dosage amount of penicillin and bactroban and did they pre-fill the applicators..I found your post online and showed my doctor then called a compounding pharmacy in my area i live in buffalo ny but the compounding pharmacist said she needs the specific amounts of penicillin on how to compound this and she would be happy to do it for me...please help..thanks
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Can you please tell me the dosage amount of penicillin and bactroban and did they pre-fill the applicators..I found your post online and showed my doctor then called a compounding pharmacy in my area i live in buffalo ny but the compounding pharmacist said she needs the specific amounts of penicillin on how to compound this and she would be happy to do it for me...please help..thanks
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Can you please tell me the dosage amount of penicillin and bactroban and did they pre-fill the applicators..I found your post online and showed my doctor then called a compounding pharmacy in my area i live in buffalo ny but the compounding pharmacist said she needs the specific amounts of penicillin on how to compound this and she would be happy to do it for me...please help..thanks
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Hi- I hope you check this still.  I liked what you had to say about the remedies you used for GBS.  I have been dealing with GBS for 5 years now.  I ordered the Allimax and am awaiting its arrival.  I just wondered how you are feeling present day?
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Hi Harleygirl,

I haven't checked this board in forever, but for some reason I checked it today and saw your post.  To answer your question, I am doing FANTASTIC.  It's as though I never had Group B Strep.  I really do believe that the Allimax was the final piece of the puzzle that cleared up my problem.  I hope that you have success with it as well.  I know that it is expensive, but it was worth the cost because it made such a difference.  

Make sure you take it for at least 30 straight days.  I believe I read somewhere that although you may feel better sooner, it takes a good 30 days for it to really get into your bloodstream.  Also, I made it a point to try to not eat so much sugar while I was taking it because I did not want to be feeding the bad bacteria sugar.

I don't use the allicin anymore for Group B Strep, but I do keep some in the house because my husband likes to take one a day just to keep his immune system healthy.  Here is another place to buy it from that I believe has a pretty good price, plus it's a higher dose so you don't have to take as many capsules at once:  http://drherbalnaturals.com/allimed.html

Best wishes to you, and I hope that soon Group B Strep is a thing of the past for you as well.

Hi, do you insert the Allimax clove or swollow?

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Hi my name is Priscilla. I am 22 years old and just found out that I have Strep B. My husband and I are newly married and we are talking about having a baby. You say you're a single mom, did your children suffer during your pregnancy? How were your pregnancies? I have never heard of Strep B and I don't know what I should do for it. I'm like you. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with hypothyroid and have really heavy periods. I've even had ovarian cysts rupture and have scar tissue on my uterus. Do you think you could help me as to what I should do to help it?
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Hi I been suffering with this for years I always have a bladder infection mostly with gbs but it's always under 10 which my docter says we don't treat when it's under ten but I always have the symptoms of urinary tract infection so she treats me with amoxicillin but after I'm done with the anthobiotics that damm bug is always back like a vengeance I'm 55 year old is this a hormone imbalance or what I also.  Take vagifem twice a week in my vagina I'm so sick of this and tired of taking anthobiotics! One thing my vagina does not burn or itch it's my bladder that burn and always going to the washroom and the bladder burn after I pee please help!! I want my life back and especially my sex life
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Thank you Sheila, I have wondered about the sugar in my diet.  I have an organ transplant so I am immunosuppressed (my anti rejections turn off my immune system so it won't cause my organ to fail)  I shall try some of your solututions.
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Hi Sheila,
What mg of Allimax do you recommend and is Allimed just as good or would you stick with the Allimax?  How many caps did you take to cure your GBS?
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I've seen more gyn's than I can count. All I hear is, gbs is a naturally occurring bacteria...blah blah blah. I've had 3 children and belive after the delivery if my last, the gbs  travelled up my cervix causing PID. Painful sex, tender cervix, yellow/green cm, odor, pelvic pain, back pain, an abcess, you name it, I've got all tge markers fir PID but not one doc will say that PID us caused from strep b. the facts are all over the internet!!!  I believe I've got a compromised immune system and Tgats why I can't beat it down. I've been on all kinds of antibiotics and homeopathic remedies and vitamins. Just starting to come to terms that I have to live with it.  I'm sure something will happen yo my body eventually, sepsis or donethibg. Then there'll be no denying it. I'm tired of fighting with doctors. They don't  get it.
Hello please advise if you've been able to find a solution to your GBS problem? I'm currently looking for one and I keep hearing the same thing you do from all the specialist I've seen.
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Allimed is just as good as Allimax.  Allimed comes in the 450 mg capsules.  I would take four of those a day for at least 30 days straight.  They are expensive, but they really work.  You may experience a "healing crisis" the first week and have a high temperature for a day.  
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please i need you to coach me on how to do local kefir by myself, i like your advice and i want to try it. thanks alot
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Hi Sheila, I would really appreciate your answer :) I wonder if you were having vaginal issues as well next to your UTI? I've seen your comments around the web on many forums and you always say you had a strep B UTI. But did you have vaginal discharge or burning dat cleared with taking the Allicin?

I too have a Strep B infection after taking many rounds of antibiotics and yeast infection medication. I've had it for 6 months now. In my country (the Netherlands), strep B is not recognized as pathogenic so all I get is yeast infection medicin, which I do not have. My symptoms are: thick white discharge that burns and creates a feeling of dryness, irritation inside my vagina, pain with intercourse, frequent UTI's.

I have started a regimen of many supplements a few days ago. These are the supplements (after weeks of research) I started:
- Bee Propolis
- Berberine HCL
- Echinacea Extract
- Super Lysine
- Bearberry
- Vitamin C
- Probiotics (strains: L. reuteri and L. rhamnosus)
- Allimax

In addition I bought Hibiclens to douche with and eat very healthy (already did that). I am lucky that Allimax was actually invention in my country, and the company that invented the stabilized allicin created a new formula that is 35 times stronger than the original Allimax. So you can take 1 capsule per day or per two days. So that's a lot cheaper and more convenient to take. I will report my findings in a few weeks, I hope this clears me, because if it doesn't I will lose all hope. Things have been very stressful the last months.

I'm sorry for any spelling errors, English is not my native language.  
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Hi everyone, I just want to say a big thank you to the women in this forum. I was diagnosed with strep B a few months ago (in conjunction with Thrush although swab didn't show that up) and had all the symptoms described above (awful itch, discharge, burning - and crankiness as a result!) . After two months of all the usual Thrush treatments plus a round of antibiotics not doing much I searched on line and found this forum. The only solution my doctor was offering was another round of antibiotics. After reading all the post here I decided to do the following:
- Allicin Max capsules - 8 a day for the first week, then reduce gradually to one a day
- Relactagel (a ph re-balancing vaginal gel) - initially a full tube each night for a week, then reduced down to 1/3rd of a tube nightly
- Probiotic capsule daily (Acidophilus 20 billion)
- Vitamin C every day (1000)
- Cut out sugar from my diet (wasn't rigid about this, but cut out sweet things, desserts, etc)
- Canistan cream externally twice a day

I am very glad to say I am symptom free for three weeks now! It is such a relief to feel normal again. I'm still continuing the measures above and will do so for another few weeks just to be sure, but it is so fantastic to have found things that work!

Thank you ladies!!
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Hi Ladies,

I had Strep B three years ago and managed to get rid of it with a reduced sugar diet and hydrogen peroxide douching (50\50) hydrogen\water twice a day. I only had to douche for 4 days and it was gone for 3 years.

After recently taking strong antibiotics (without also taking probiotics) it is now back with a vengeance. My symptoms are itching and burning and this time some discharge. The hydrogen douching hasn't worked at all sadly this time.

I am using emla numbing cream at night when the itching is at it's worse so I can get some sleep and stop tearing myself to shreds. It is expensive ($20AU for a tiny tube) and I had to tell a fib to get it (said we were having travel vaccinations and need to numb the kids arms) but you only need a tiny bit and it is my saviour at the moment. It stings slightly for about 15 seconds and then blessed relief for a few hours!

To attempt to rebalance myself and my bacteria I am now cutting down sugar, taking blackmores women's biobalance probiotic capsules orally (6 per day), allicin max (8 per day) and inserting PH gel daily. I've also increased my vitamin regime. Fingers crossed. Will report back soon.
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Hi. I've had current UTI's for the past 9 months. Horrible pain in my abdominal area and back. Nauseous a lot and kidney pain. My urine cultures all tested positive for strep B. Been going to Urologist. Several different antibiotics. And nothing helped. Had CT to rule out stones. I'm still in horrible pain. Still have no answers except Doctors telling me they need to find where this bacteria is starting from. Never mentioned seeing my GYN.  I had a hysterectomy over 3 years ago so never occurred to me but since then sex has been extremely painful. Like I have sores in my vaginal wall. No std's! Now I'm wondering if this is all due to the strep B. I'm extremely tired all the time and weak. My vitamin D count in low. Everything I've been reading in you posts sound like my life. I guess I should visit my gym
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Hi, everyone. First and foremost just wanna say, this site has saved me so much peace of mind and has given me so many options for possibly beating this thing.

About 3 months ago, I had what I thought to be a yeast infection. They're not uncommon for me, I'm 24 now and have had them since I was around 16, usually quite a few every year along with BV infections. I'm a redhead and increeedibly sensitive so I just learned to live with the constant problems down there. Like I said, 3 months ago I thought I was getting a yeast infection. I had sex anyway two days into feeling tender down there and woke up the next day already knowing something was very, very wrong. Let me tell you, ladies, never in my life have I experienced pain like this. Over the course of the week I developed a raging infection that left me looking utterly unrecognizable down there. I had these shallow, bright red ulcers (they looked like small circular cuts into the skin) EVERYWHERE on my vagina, a few inside, and then some that eventually spread to my anus. I've never experienced pain like it and the swelling was unbelievable. I went to the doctor and she gave me antibiotics right away (Z pack) and a shot in the hip to fight the infection. I had discharge literally running out down my legs (sorry to be graphic, but it was insane) and it was a dark orange color (not like blood, it was different than spotting), the most severe itching I've ever experienced, rawness, severe redness, and a constant tingling. I slept with frozen peas between my legs for a week straight and peeing was utter agony due to the acidity in my urine hitting those open sores. I could barely even touch water to any of my skin down there. I went back to the doctor after two days when the ulcers started to appear and my doctor did another swab and felt pretty strongly that I had herpes. I was heartbroken and waited on pins and needles for the tests results to come back. NO STD's, but tested positive for Strep Group G. I got another antibiotic (amox500mg) and eventually, slowly, everything cleared up.
Not long after, I got my first tiny ulcer back. I wasted no time, got into the doc the next day after noticing it, and got amox500mg for ten days. Cleared it up fine, no problems.
A few days ago, waddya know, another very small ulcer popped up, this time with very mild itching and an odor like before. Got into the doc today and she's giving me an antibiotic specifically for the strain G strep this time. I'm also taking probiotic pills but they haven't seemed to do me much good thus far. We'll see. I'm in the process of quitting smoking to help my immune system and I recently changed birth controls (switched to the "mini pill", no progesterone) to see if all this has anything to do with how hormonally messed up I was on my old birth control. This all started around the time I started taking BC so I'm leaving that possibility open. My boyfriend is soon going to be treated for the strep G strain as well since I feel like we're just passing it back and forth to each other, which my doctor said could be very possible.
Ladies, do not give up hope. I feel for you all so deeply, as I've struggled with issues down there since I was a young girl and sometimes it feels like there's no end in sight. All we can do is keep fighting and pushing our doctors to research and spend the time on us we deserve to figure this thing out!
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I'm 35. Recently diagnosed with a group strep b UTI. Was given cipro, macrobid, and clindamyacin for it over the course of a month. None worked and I ended up in the hospital near sepsis bc the infection had gotten into my bloodstream and started taking over. Was a very serious situation. Glad I stumbled upon this page.
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In the hospital I was on vancomyacin via IV and then Rosephin via IV. I also had to go home with a PICC Line (google it) in place and continue the rosephin infusions by IV home health nurse for an additional 5 days. Since then I have had numerous appts with a Urologist. In the hospital I was working with an infectious disease dr. Was in there for a total of about 8-9 days. White blood cells in my blood and urine were off the charts.
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Hi all,

I just want to report back, I posted a message here about three months ago that I was going to try the supplements regimen for my vaginal problems.

Sadly, this did not help at all. The Allimax (high strength) did nothing for me as well. Since then I have found a few things that work temporarily, so I can get through the day. Firstly, If I douche with a little bit of Hibiscrub (chlorhexidine) mixed with water, the discharge only returns in about a day or two. My problem is, when the bad bacteria (strep) is killed, I always end up with a yeast infection. In this whole year I've been struggeling with this infection, I've not once had my normal discharge. It is always bacteria or yeast. So I end up having to fight the yeast, only to get a bacterial infection again. Anyone recognizes this?

Nothing works to get rid of the yeast, even the strongest antifungal prescriptions do nothing.The only way I have been able to get rid of the yeast problem is to raise vaginal ph, so that the yeast can't grow. I can do this by douching with baking soda or using a product they sell here with a high ph. So douching with Hibiscrub and then using a product that raises the ph gets me through a day without discomfort (or using a Hibiscurb baking soda mixture). Unfortunately, by having the high ph, lactobacillli can't grow and I'm creating room for bacteria to grow. So by all means, this isn't a solution and I don't encourage you do the same. But it's the only thing that has me functioning pretty normal. I still experience the nuisance of douching everyday though, and having dryness problems with intercourse because I've douched away all my fluids.

I'm continuing to search for a solution, and once I have, I will immediately report to all the ladies here. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, it has made my life pretty miserable, to the point of being suicidal sometimes. I know a lot of people are worse of then me, but it occupied my mind every moment of the day for the last year.

Oh and something else, look into something called desquamative inflammatory vaginitis. It is an overgrowth of a bacteria (usually strep B) accompanied with inflammation of the vagina. I'm pretty sure we all struggle with this, and unfortunately there is no cure, just maintenance therapy with estrogen cream, steroid cream and an antibiotic cream.

My heart goes out to all of you in this thread. Please, if you find a solution, share it with us!
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Thank you for posting this.  I went to my NP and had my pap, and I came back positive for this, they say it's not transmittable and it's not an STD, but nobody can say how you get it, and nobody seems to be able to answer my questions and they said I would not be treated unless I got preggo. I'm like why would I NOT want to get treated now. Reading all these posts and everyone else is complaining about burning and itching and I don't have those symptoms, but I don't want to even risk it progressing to that. I'm going to start doing probiotics and look into that cream that you mentioned. I don't want to go through antibiotics and deal with what everyone else is posting about it recurring after antibiotic treatment. I hope that since 2012 when you posted this that you actually had good outcome and no recurrences? If you are still around, I'd love to know how it went through to today? Any recurrences? Or is it gone gone gone!
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hi how are you doing with strep b? are you better?
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Hi. I was diagnosed with gbs 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my son I was told I was born with it, that I contracted it threw my mother?
But I have not had any itching or burning since then, I've had yellow discharge and odor about 3 years ago but no itching so I douched every other week and it went away.
recently I have had a symptoms of a yeast infection. I took over the counter monistat but that hasn't worked. It's more on the outside of my vagina not the inside so I did some research and found TEA TREE OIL to be affective on gbs. a
I haven't read about anyone using tea tree oil but it has been quite affective, it is a natural anti fungal and soothes the itching so I researched it more and it has been really helpful for others suffering from gbs. I am going to try to cure myself the organic way so far this is the first thing I've tried and it is working well, I have only been using it for 2 days and I hope it cures me. I hope this has helped !
If you try it make sure it is natural tea tree oil.
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Hi all, I am glad I have come across this site as I have just been diagnosed with a group B step infection.  However my infection is in my anus. I was wondering if anyone else has the infection there. The itch in that area and perineum is unbearable. It is itchy constantly, I wake most night a couple of times with the itch. I have had this itch for over 5 years and have tried every lotion and potion. Only last week did I ask the doctor to take a swab (after being to a dermatologist who couldn't do anything for me).  That test came back with GBS infection so I have been put on a course of antibiotics for 2 weeks.  I really hope this is what is causing the itch. Is anyone else experiencing this itch in the back end?
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Hi all, I am glad I have come across this site as I have just been diagnosed with a group B step infection.  However my infection is in my anus. I was wondering if anyone else has the infection there. The itch in that area and perineum is unbearable. It is itchy constantly, I wake most night a couple of times with the itch. I have had this itch for over 5 years and have tried every lotion and potion. Only last week did I ask the doctor to take a swab (after being to a dermatologist who couldn't do anything for me).  That test came back with GBS infection so I have been put on a course of antibiotics for 2 weeks.  I really hope this is what is causing the itch. Is anyone else experiencing this itch in the back end?
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Greetings Ladies, this evening I discovered these posts and I am very glad that there is so much information available; it provides the great opportunity to seek a solution. So far from what I have gathered strep b has nothing to do with strep a. It is a normally occurring bacteria in the lower intestine, that can become colonized and have negative effects if allowed to bloom when the bodies immune system is lowered and unable to keep its healthy bacteria at a 'normal' level. When strep b does in fact become colonized ( in either the female urinary tract, vagina , or men's urethra/ no pain accompanied for men) it often causes a series of side effects including: tenderness, swelling, redness, irritation, burning, itching and chunky, snotty, thick or creamy white, yellow or green discharge. It can also cause pain during sex, cramping, tingling, leg pain, back pain, irritability and anxiety and low self esteem(no doubt from prolonged symptoms). From what I can tell the bacteria seems to have patterns/waves/blooms where the infection can  become very intense and pervasive followed by periods of hibernation/ dormancy. The numbers of no. Pregnant GBS carriers in North America has risen from approx 4%to 7% in the last 20 years and is now being seen in young women who are not pregnant or have not been pregnant as opposed to earlier statistics where GBS mostly occurred in menopausal women or pregnant women. Studies - although very few - show that women of African descent are more suseptable. GBS sis not an STD , although it is believed by some medical practitioners to be triggered by sex. Although many women who have suffered yeast and vaginitis often become carriers of GBS  it does not mean that having yeast infections or vaginitis will ensure and increased risk of GBS. There is an undeniable link however, to women that have take. Antibiotics within the past 30 days and having GBS. So far from what I can tell this seems to be a vitamin/ hormonal imbalance issue that can mostly be fixed with regimented natural  remedies/diet/ supplementation and excersize. Two years ago I was very ill and went to the ER, it turns out I was disastrously I'll with a cervical infection and that I was pregnant . They gave me antibiotics that were so strong they insured my child would have severe birth defects. Unfortunately I could not carry my baby to term and underwent a severely traumatic time in my life. A few weeks later I received a phone call from the doctor who nonchalantly told me I had GBS but not to worry about it. The following years have been vaginal hell. Every clinic has treated me for bladder infections or cervical infections etc., it was not until a few hours ago that I realized how very real GBS Is and how completely uninformed the medical community at large is ( special thanks to any practitioners who stay relevant and updated). I will keep you posted on my healing journey and methods. Thanks to all good luck!
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Hi guys,

Update from me: I'm still fighting this infection and it is worse than ever. Intercourse hurts very bad, I feel like I have glass in my vagina. I also have pain with urination. And still the thick white discharge. Will definitely update if I ever find a cure.
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Hi, I've been reading this for a few hours and although I'm happy that I'm not the only one I am annoyed that since 2009!!! There is no proper cure, why would they only treat pregnant women these symptoms are putting me under so much stress and irritation all the time. It is all confusing me because a lot of people have been saying it all started after they've had sex, but apparently you can't catch it through sex, however I've been seeing trends of people saying their boyfriend has diabetes and they think it is something to do with that, my boyfriend has diabetes also, but I don't want to ask him to get checked for it unless it really could be something to do with him because it will just cause a big argument, I've already made him get an std check and after that he said he never wants me to make him do that again because "he knew he was all clear, and that I should just trust him... I'm 18 and I really don't want to have to go through this the rest of my life, I'm currently on my first treatment of penicillin, although I haven't completed the course yet I'm pretty sure it's not going to do anything for me after reading all of these comments. I'm sick and tired of this as I'm sure most of you are but if anyone has found a proper treatment not just vitamins and putting garlic up there as experiments, I don't have the money for all this experimenting I'm just wondering if anybody can give me some proper advice or if anybody has found a proper cure, I've read from 2009-2013 and after that they all sort of said the same... The symptoms I've got is the itchiness, pure white discharge, and irritation, sex hurts and not only is there the stress of dealing with this ideation but it's getting it in the ear all the time from my partner asking when can we have sex again. Another thing, this could just be me, but the smell of what I've got isn't bad but it's a distinctive one and i remember when I first had sex with my boyfriend it is the same smell as what he smelt like (down there) I didn't think anything of it because it isn't a bad smell it's kind of bland but it is still the same as what I've now got, however he has no symptoms so really don't want to bring it up unless I am right, and one last thing we use condoms all the time so can I really catch it off him from just just touching each other down there-  can you catch strep B and is there a cure??? Thanks  
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Anti biotic with potassium.
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For the last month I've been noticing milky white discharge and a slight oder that I could sometimes smell trough panties and pants as well as some itching. They started to ebb as my period approached. 1 week ago today I did my usual Brazilian waxing. Later that day, I douched with my typical brand I use before and after my period, and it burned like heck all inside of my vagina. I dismissed it as maybe they had changed their formula.

Later that night, my boyfriend (having not yet had a shower) and I had fairly rough sex for an hour straight and we were both quite raw. I noticed a small tear on the thin/tight skin at the bottom of my vaginal opening (where I often get tears from sex or hastily placing a tampon, etc), but I thought little of it. The next morning we were both still rather raw and it burned the tear/cut when I urinated. Later that day (Saturday), I was stuck in the cold pouring rain for 2 hours in very tight (non-cotton) leggings. Later that night, I started my period, but we decided to have sex again despite both of us being sore. He ejactulated inside of me for the first time, and I rinsed it out with warm water immediately. The next morning we were both even more sore and raw, and I noticed the burning was worse when urine hit the tear. I also noticed another small tear on the side of my vaginal opening. Urinating was becoming worse. I also noticed some yeast infection, so I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar baths every night and it eased the pain and the yeast went away. But the tears, itching and milking period blood discharged stayed.

Over the next few days, another tear appeared on the other side of my vagina but not directly across. Then I started swelling, and some of my hairs had started growing back and causing ingrowns, and I noticed even more tears appearing. The pain from urinating on them was causing me to nearly pass out. To the point I spend most days in tears, and can only pee when in  a bathtub full of warm water.

I finally got in to see a doctor (Wednesday) and explained what was happening. He took one look and said "these look herpetic."
I aske "really? Even though they aren't clustered together, aren't ulcers, aren't puss filled, and my last test since my last partner came back negative?"
He replied "the ingrown hairs are throwing me off. Do you wax INSIDE the labia/lips? Is that a thing?"
When I replied yes and that I'm most prone to ingrowns in that area, he said "then it might be BV. I'm going to take a swab test to be positive."
(I had found a post from a girl with identical symptoms and tears, who's doctor could never figure out what it was. They got it to go away with an antibiotic, antiviral and topical lidocaine for the pain)
He concluded my visit with saying it's probably just BV but taking blood work to run a full STD screening just to be safe as I am exposed to bodily fluids with my job. He prescribed me Doxycycline, Fluconazole, Valtrex, Metrogel, and lidocaine. He said I could wait on the Metrogel and get it if it doesn't clear up.

The last 2 days I have noticed more severe pain (not when I urinate as the lidocaine helps alleviate that) but from significant swelling and general pressure, as well as pain in and around my anus. Still no ulcers or clusters or typical herpes symptoms. The last 2 days I noticed flu like symptoms. Everything I've read points to about every single infection and disease and logic tells me it isn't herpes, but that seed of doubt is there that maybe my last test was negative and it's just been lying dormant in my system.

To add to my thoughts it might be bacterial and not viral, I haven't been taking my probiotics for a month as I normally do, been eating a ton of sugar and carbs everyday, douched (which can kill off the good bacteria that fight the bad), drinking more alcohol than normal, was in soaking wet tight clothes for 2+ hours, was ejaculated in (semen lowers the alkaline levels so your body has a harder time fighting infection/disease/cancer), and I'm already prone to candida overgrowth.

Just found out about GBS an hour ago. Am wondering if this is what I (as well as that girl from the other post) possibly have? Won't get my test results for another 5 days. Still in pain. Taking the medications WITH my probiotics
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It makes me so sad to see so many of us suffering!!  Until we find a way to fix this, please know you can numb yourself with over the counter numbing cream - Vagicaine is a Target brand and is about $3.00 a tube - it's the only thing that has kept me alive and going.  

It stings at first, but, then.....relief, sometimes for hours.  I sometimes mix it with a probiotic powder  - I open up a pill and mix it in a small container I keep with me at all times.  I've had doctors tell me that Benzoicaine, (one of the ingredients) is not good for a va-jay, but, I believe that is just another fact they learned in medical school that they regurgitate, in all sincerity, not knowing why.....that, and, "here, have some antibiotics".

I completely quit using this particular numbing cream and tried another without Benzocaine to see if there was any improvement to see if there was any validity to the doctors claim claim......zero improvement.  So, if I can get numb to get some relief so I can do my job and not drive my car into a tree, I'm in....namaste, who knew having a vagina could be so painful, love and healing....
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Hi!  My problem seems to be in my anus and vaginal opening - nothing going on on the inside, no discharge or odor.  I've suffered with this for 6 years.....it's horrible.....I'm constantly searching for answers.....I feel like I acquired it from waaaay too many antibiotics, wrongly prescribed...modern medicine seems to say, when in doubt, have some antibiotics.....I've gotten relief from soaking in a sitz bath with water and apple cider vinegar or water mixed with 3% hydrogen peroxide.....but, I couldn't survive (literally) without Vagicaine numbing cream from Target.....it's inexpensive and numbs the area - almost can forget you have it.....love and healing
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Hi I have some questions, I was tested positive for vaginal strep 2 days ago and started taking penicillin today for the next 13 days, 4 x a day.

Does anyone have a strong opinion of where this disease comes from? Is it most likely sexually transmitted? My doctor says nobody knows where it comes from. ALSO, do I have to have my partner tested/ tell him about it? Could he have given it to me/ could I have given it too him? We haven't been dating that long. I'm 21 years old. Freaking out a little bit.
Thanks for all the posts! Helps me feel less alone because theres NOTHING else on the internet about this.
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Thanks for all the comments. I'd appreciate folks weighing in if they've had a similar experience because I'm getting a little frustrated.

I tested Group B negative with all my kids (oldest is now 11), but after a bout with BV and Strep Throat (A) and what was probably also a yeast infection, I found out that I was Group B positive last year around this time.

And here's the fun part: I found out because I had white spots on my tonsils and a UTI. From what I can gather, I was having oral sex with my boyfriend after he was inside me and I infected myself.

I had no other symptoms with the Group B other than the spots, but I just immediately took antibiotics and it never was an issue again for me. Or so I think. I wasn't really having sex because I got scared with all the BV and yeast infections happening.

Now I'm finding myself in a similar situation. I had Strep Throat (A) a few weeks ago and was on antibiotics, I had a weird late period, and now, here I am, with spots on my throat and no other symptoms. My educated guess is that it's Group B again (I had sex with my current boyfriend and then had oral sex).

The odd part is that I don't have any vaginal symptoms other than what I'd describe as a light yellow discharge that's thin and watery. No weird smell. No itching or any discomfort. But it's almost a constant for me unless I have my period. I've always chalked it up to hormones, but now I'm wondering.

So I'm wondering if I should start the antibiotics to be safe (I actually thought I had Strep A since my kids did last week, so when I started to feel a little off, I visited the dr -- online though, so no test). I probably will because I don't want to risk anything.

And, I'm wondering if there's a way to get rid of the Strep B. Clearly, I can make simple steps to not infect myself again during sex, but I would like to get rid of the infection that I assume I have and keep it out of my system for as long as possible.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I've only read a few stories about people passing Strep B during sex but then it's unclear as to whether it just goes away or not. I'm going to try some of the natural remedies too.


Why are all you ladies just treating your vagina's. Do you realise that Strep B is also on your intestines?I believe I have had Step B for on and off for two years. I have it really bad at the moment and I cannot even go to work. I am on my second lot of antibiotics and they are not working. The doctor has given my third lot of antibiotics!  And he says if this does not work then I have to go the specialist. I have had night sweats, nausea, occasional vomiting, weakness and cramps and itchy ears which may be Strep? I have just bought coconut juice today and I hope if I drink it a few times during the day it may work. Fingers crossed!. This Strep has stopped me in my tracks.  Its so bad I had to call my boyfriend to pick me up fro the supermarket because I felt so ill! Are we all going to die if our antibiotics do not work!!!???
Yes... If  bacteria rule the world through resistance, nothing can stop them.
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Really interesting to see the similarities between myself and so many of the people posting here.

A bit of info on myself and what brought me here. I'm 30 years old (no children) and have suffered with Thrush for at least 8 years. Although not severe symptoms I have constantly had the cloudy/yellow discharge and infrequent itching. I don't often get ill but if I do it is always in my throat - tonsillitis,pharyngitis etc.
I started researching all my symptoms and read a lot about problems being related to an imbalance of flora/bacteria in the gut. Basically the problem starts in the gut and either works its way up to the throat or down. I do take Acidophilus but never notice a massive difference. However, I did once take a course of Kefir (a natural fermented goats milk which tastes gross!) as a probiotic and this did help.
More recently I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism caused by an auto immune disorder. (I noticed that a previous poster also had this). Basically the body attacks itself for some unknown reason and this can cause a weakened immune system. Not wanting to take medication I tried cutting out (or down on) caffeine,sugar,yeast and this had a hugely positive result on my levels. I do now take a very small dose of levothyroxine to help bump up my thyroid production.

I discovered I had a Strep B infection as I had wanted to get to the bottom of my thrush problem as my husband and I are planning to have children. My tests came back with high levels of Thrush but also a Strep B infection and I was prescribed with penicillin.
I'll be taking my acidophilus whilst taking the penicillin as i'm sure it will make my thrush worse! My doctor also gave me a pessary for the thrush to take after i've finished my course of antibiotics.
I'm also now taking a vitamin D supplement which aids the immune system.

I'll post again in a couple weeks to see how things have progressed.

I do believe that there is a link between gut flora/auto immune/infections such as Strep A/B.

It would be interesting to see if others have connected illnesses/symptoms etc.

Hi! Just wondering if you've resolved your group B strep problem? I'm currently dealing with this and antibiotic aren't helping so I'm kinda panicking and wondering if anyone has gotten relief?
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So I saw another doctor because I was still in a lot of pain and I wasn't giving up. I ended up having a exterior urethra polyp. My urine was burning my vulva skin that was causing my pain due to this polyp. The polyp has since been removed and I am back to normal. All these doctors thought it was group b strep that was causing my pain and my condition had actually nothing to do with GBS at all.
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I was keep having white vaginal discharge for 3 years and I am desperately finding for the cause of it for all these years including several std and blood test but they just come out normal. Until I can't torelate anymore I decided to have hysteroscopy. It come out normal but   strep b is diagnosed. I am relieved because at last I know why I am having so much white sticky discharge like yeast but not like yeast. And I found this site which I feel so many women out there is suffering.  I need to share this with you all. I am having clear discharge at the moment by doing this;

Eat doctor medicines which is augmentin
After that antibiotic all bacteria in your body is wiped off so you need good stuff
I have a blender which I mixed
-half lemon
-one apple
-half cucumber
-half carrot
-some milk (very little)
-most importantly I mixed in probiotic powder
-sometimes I add in more veg such as celery

And drink it instantly but not right after antibiotic.

I see result immediately after two days. Watery discharge and I feel I finally can see the light after living in hell for so many years

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Can you tell me how you use the tea tree oil? It is a very strong ingredient, and I would think it could burn the delicate tissues in the vaginal area?
I would not advise using tea tree oil internally as it is very strong stuff. Using bicarbonate of soda (known as baking soda if you're in the US) mixed with water is much more effective and soothing. When symptoms are getting too much for me I run a lukewarm bath about 4" deep and put roughly 1/4 cup bicarb in there. Sit in and sleuce the area for as long as you can manage. Pat dry gently with toilet tissue or something similarly absorbent and soft. It is very soothing, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and helps alleviate symptoms almost immediately. And you can repeat as often as you need with no side effects (unlike the hydrogen peroxide etc I've heard other people using).
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Hi everyone,

My first post here was a year ago. I just wanted to provide you with an update on my situation. (disclaimer: English is not my native language).

After almost 2 years of intense suffering from this vaginal condition and sore and raw vagina, I feel like I'm 'cured' now. I am so, so happy about this, I could cry. I can have intercourse normally again and I feel normal. I'm not aware of my sore vagina anymore and my discharge is normal again. Hurray! The only thing that is left to fix for me is having a UTI every few weeks, but that's a different story.

So I just wanted to let you know what I did to get normal again. Everytime I was in forums with women suffering from this, they would never return to update on their situation, so I promised myself I would.

First of all, for almost 2 years I took almost every supplement on earth. It cost me a lot of money (A LOT!) and it did not work at all. Allimax, propolis, garlic, probiotics, you name it. It did nothing. I understand that it's maybe hard to hear, because it would be so nice if we could fix this with just a supplement. But it's just not strong enough to make a major change in your vaginal health. So you could try it, but you could also save your money. I did extensive research and tried almost everything. However, I won't say that it won't work for you, you have to decide for yourself.

Another thing I did during the past 1,5 year, was douche a lot. Hibiclens, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, you name it. I put it all up there, just to make me feel 'clean', without the sticky thick discharge I had. Well, it caused my vagina to never get normal again and I destroyed my whole vaginal flora.

So what I did: first of all, I quit all of the above. No supplements, no vaginal douches, etc. In my period of suffering, I did a lot of research and decided I would try to heal my vaginal walls and flora. Because Strep B is a normal vaginal pathogen, and only takes over when your vaginal flora isn't normal (because of antibiotics or hormones, for example). I myself have had a lot of antibiotics and yeast medication. Besides that, I have a hormone imbalance.

So I looked up remedies for vaginal atrophy and desquamative inflammatory vaginitis, and I found that a suppository with DHEA restored the vaginal walls and flora in menopausal women, because it converts to estrogen in the vaginal walls. You can use it as a suppository. I also found that probiotics are best used when they are inserted directly into the vagina. I also used a vaginal gel with the right ph, named Multigyn Acti-gel (available in my country). It is really good stuff with a lot of reviews, just look it up. It restores vaginal flora and allows good bacteria to grow. So my regimen everyday:

- I take a pill of probotics (the right kind, with vaginal bacteria: rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14)
- I take a pill of DHEA (pills are 50mg, I use only use 5mg)

I open the pills and mix a bit of them with the Multigyn Acti-gel (with resembles vaginal fluid, it is just a clear gel). I mix it in a vaginal cream inserter (don't know what it is called in English). I use this mixture in my vagina everyday. It use just a tiny bit, so it doesn't run out during the day.

So for the first few weeks I did this, I was still sore, because it takes a while to restore the vaginal epithelium and flora. Before I didn't have the patience to wait for it to heal, but I did now.

It's been a few months and I'm all better now, still use this every few days for maintenance (mostly after intercourse). I have a normal sex life again and now irritation. I couldn't be happier, because the solution was so easy and I don't have to use antibiotics anymore.  

My apologies for the long post, I just want to help all of you. I you have a question about my regimen, please ask. Please look up all the research on vaginal DHEA and vaginal probiotics. Also, look up research on desquamative inflammatory vaginitis. This strep B only takes over because something is destroying or vaginal flora (auto-immune, hormones, antibiotics). It is not the main cause of our infection. Also, if you could get your hands on Multigyn Acti-gel, please try it. It's not just restoring, it's also soothing and allows you to have normal vaginal fluid again.    

I hope I can help someone with this, please feel free to ask me anything.

Hi! I am currently taking probiotics, I had a yeast infection off and on for 6 months and finally trying to get it under control. Do you think the Renewlife brand of probiotics 50 billion vaginal type are good for mixing with the gel? I don't have the gel, I'm just taking the probiotics orally but I feel an itch again and wanted to try something different! Thanks!
Thanks so much for sharing your success with others! I live in the U.S. and have been suffering with GBS for 7 years. I managed to order some Multi-gyn Actigel and just started trying your regimen this week =)
Hi, we're you diagnosed with Group B Strep? I was and penecillin has not helped at all. Wondering if this remedy has still helped for you? Thanks.
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I had suffered for 5 years with GBS, and then I had to take a probiotic called VSL 3 for a different problem, and it cleared up the GBS. A recent magazine article had said that VSL 3 was one of the best probiotics on the market, because it will actually recolonize the body with good bacteria. I get it from a large pharmacy/drugstore chain here in the US. If you try to order online, I think it says you need a doctors prescription, but my pharmacy just orders it directly for me whenever I need it. I don't have any problem with GBS any longer, but it is nice to know that VSL 3 is available if I ever need it again.
Thanks for sharing! I've had GBS problems for almost 7 years. I have had some success using probiotics like fem dophilus but it doesnt have as high of a CFU value as VSL 3. I will try it.
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I have found that a combination of Cipro and a cephalosporin for one week will clear up the problem.
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I am not entirely surprised at the lengths some women will go to to rid themselves of this painful and debilitating disease. I have suffered with it on-and-off for over 5 years since the birth of my first child. Symptoms have become basically the same as severe thrush but swabs come back negative for thrush and positive for GBS. itching, burning, heavy discharge sometimes with blood spotting. Nurse who did my internal exam said it looked grazed inside which explains the above.
Things that help me the most (as antibiotics just cause secondary infections like thrush, so back to square 1 basically) are
Garlic (eaten 3x daily, raw)
Cut out all sugar and wheat flour (as these feed infection)
Sitting in lukewarm water with quarter cup of bicarb of soda (baking soda) as this is anti bacterial and anti fungal and sooo much milder than hydrogen peroxide (which can thin the skin when used often so AVOID!)
Drink lots of water, avoid caffeine and alcohol.
An ice pack between the legs (wrapped in cloth) really helps bring down swelling and reduce urge to itch.
There are sadly no overnight cures and nothing to prevent future flare ups, but these really help.
I always find mine flares up if I've had more sugar than normal - this time it was a macdonalds milkshake on a long car journey - lesson learned!
Hope this helps.
So thankful I found this forum, I have been having symptoms for 2 and a half months, however, I think I have had this on and off for years after reading the posts.  I always treated for a yeast infection, but it would return.   Now it is just brutal, it feels like acid was poured in my vag, occasional itch but not bad, the burning is awful.  I went for urine culture and they found low colony count of strep which would explain what is going on with my vag.  they did a swab and all it said was abnormal flora but did not show strep, but hands down I have all the symptoms.  I am using the vag probiotics, cut sugar out, increased immune boosting supplements but still have symptoms, some days are better than others, I find when I am stressed it flares up bad.  night time is when it is at its peak.
Hi marisy21, it sounds like you have desquamative inflammatory vaginitis. It is similar to aerobic vaginitis. I have this condition, and before it was controlled, I too felt intense burning and like acid was in my vagina. Where do you live? A vagina clinic would be best for you to visit. You can message me if you like.
Hi there, I am not sure if that is what it is.  I am leaning towards more of a strep infection seeing there is low amounts found in my urine.  The urologist will not treat it because of the low numbers and no WBC, I do get symptoms of cystitis with the burning on the vulva and vaginal area.  I have tried many remedies that I found on this page and some worked for a couple weeks., then I did ozone therapy and that gave me relief for a month and a half.  Now it is back and it seems to flare up right after my period.  Hormones are definately making this come to the surface.  I read about DIV, but I would not say I meet all the criteria of that one.  Doctors have ruled out vaginitis by doing two cultures.  They have not done a strep b test despite me asking.  So I am back doing ozone, I feel a small amount of relief from the two I just had, going to insert probiotics in between to keep the good bacteria up.

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Hi there, I do have some experiences to share....  18 months ago I got a UTI & then vag cultures positive for GBS infections.  Dr's seem as clueless as initial internet postings where everyone swears it's not possible unless you're a newborn or elderly.  But it is, and the infection can be quite serious.  Dr's told me I couldn't have it bc I'd have to be bedridden.  But I have been- was just finally getting active again when this hit.  5 years prior I had what I thought was PID, but no pathogen ever showed in tests.  The pain's been so excruciating that I've been on heavy narcotics thro pain management.  If you get that much pain, don't delay in asking to be referred bc it can take a while to start treatment & pain can escalate quickly.  So at the time I finally started getting positive test results, I could feel the disease spread thro my body & attack my heart.  I've been close to death a lot the last 18 mo.  Was fortunate to see an ID Dr in time to start continuous oral antibiotics.  But it was like putting a bandaid on an open wound.  He wanted to prevent Rheumatic Fever, but I quickly realized that I HAVE RF.  And oral AB's do not cut it.  Standard treatment in Penicillin G injections, a lot of them.  But I couldn't convince Dr's I was that ill.  Until... the story changed from, 'you're not ill' to 'you're too ill.'  Just like that, I was written off as chronically diseased & beyond hope.  So I discharged from one of my many hospital stays & procured Pen G from... a vet supply store.  Turns out GBS is common in farm animals.  It's thought to have crossed species from cows to humans about 50 years ago.  I was born 46 years ago.  My older sister became ill at age 4 and died of respiratory failure from bacterial infection they never ID'd.  When I turned 4, I also was hospitalized, and dx with scarlet fever, from strep.  Probably strep B.  Probably we both contracted it at birth, congenitally.  I remember my Dad turning down the Dr's advice to put me on oral antibiotics.  To avoid chronic infection.  I had two contraceptive implants as an adult and each time had horrible pain at their sites.  Now it all makes sense that I've had this my whole life.  Nowadays, this is most likely what they want to prevent by screening & treating expectant mothers. This is a fairly NEW problem, and I wonder if it's a silent epidemic.  Worldwide, most common cause of death is heart disease by bacteria.  Most common type?  Strep.  Strep B is tough; requiring roughly 5x the AB's to treat than Strep A.  In America, we rarely diagnose anyone with RF, and clearly, it's even more rare to treat for it.  I thought maybe they were saving AB's for 'old people' who need it.  But we're in a health crisis, and the goal is to not adequtely treat bacterial infections under the premise that we're holding out for 'real' infections.  This is a real infection.  Good news is that it's possible to live with it asymptomatically by overcoming the infection.  Do take any AB's offered is my advice.  Also go on an elimination diet : nourishing meals.com.  Pretty much same food as candidadiet.com.  Decrease stress etc.  It's really not possible to get the support needed if it gets worse; becomes a downward spiral.  I do believe this is how people become homeless bc it rarely kills us prematurely.  It just spreads, so try to take care of yourself & heal. If I can do it, You can do it!  Good luck!
How often should I get penicillin G injections? Background: 36 years old, 3 kids, partial hysterectomy in 2015. About 4 months ago I had a yeast infection but since I get them a lot I took diflucan and terazole vaginally. It wasn't working still after 3 days and so off to the doctor I went. Did a culture and two weeks later my doctor called and said I was positive for GBS prescribed me Augumentin. Took that felt better and went back for a follow up culture. Tested positive. Prescribed more Augumentin. Took another culture 2 weeks later. Nope still there. Prescribed Keflex 2000mg for 7 days. Cultured came back negative. One week later I am feeling symptoms and knew in my heart it was back. Took another culture on 11/18 and sadly it was positive for yeast and GBS. I've seen two Infectious disease specialist during this entire time and both have told me to stop the antibiotics and just treat the yeast? This doesn't make sense to me because when I'm not on antibiotics I feel like crap. I'm fatigued, get pain in my lower abdomen, and since I'm a big time hypochondriac all I can think about is how this bacteria is going to get worse and eventually kill me. I'm taking supplements, vitamin C, a prenatal vitamin, two types of probiotics specific for Women's yeast problems, and also align. On top of this I am doing acupuncture and taking his herbal concoction that is bitter and gross but I'm desperate for help and cure! Also I started inserting coconut oil internally.
This is affecting my marriage, my work, and overall quality of life. I'm so sad and depressed and of course every day I'm scared out of my mind.
Have you had any luck since post?  Dealing with this on and off since August.
This completely sounds like me. I was positive with GBS during my pregnancies and had to treat with Keflex but I recall being positive one of the times I wasn't pregnant and was given flagyl. Last year I started itching vaginally and in and around my rectum. Those are my usual symptoms ( I have tested for pinworms and negative but have treated just in case in the past and that wasn't it) I had so many cultures done  within 3-4 months and finally was diagnosed with BV (had a copper IUD at the time) Was treated with just amoxicillin because I was nursing and of course it didn't clear. Finally I was given metrogel and ended up treating a yeast infection with Fluconazole and later monistat as well. I still didn't feel well and finally got a total vaginal hysterectomy with pelvic and vaginal reconstruction. All was well until 2 weeks post surgery and I started itching. I thought it could be the normal discharge and healing process. Well 2 months later I'm back with same symptoms and my BV and yeast culture came back negative. They didn't test me for strep b because practitioner said its normal to colonize strep b vaginally and in the rectum. The only time it's dangerous is when your pregnant and you have to treat so the baby won't get it. Hmmmm so why did I have to treat years ago for it by another doctor and I felt better afterwards. I feel like I'm going crazy and don't know who or where to turn to. I've recently started the candida diet with supplements. I've always used probiotics too.  Almost 1 month into it and I don't feel improvement or at least not yet. I'm also trying to reduce stress and get more sleep though it's hard.
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I believe I have the same problem. When I was 35 weeks pregnant and tested for Gb strep I was positive. I didn't know what it was so I researched it a little but thought it went away after I had the baby (I had c section since my previous child was a c section baby) Well I thought I had yeast infection a few years later, took the 1 day treatment and woke up the next day burning like fire. Called ob and made appt but then she, my doctor, had to reschedule and she was too busy so I went to see another doctor in her office who was a man. He said I probably had bv and gave me cream. Didn't work. Went back and he gave me the keflex for 7 day. It worked but then came back and still have it because Ive just gotten aggravated because he's a man and doesn't understand I guess. My doctor is hard to get in to see because she's so busy so I've just been looking things up myself & realized gb strep isn't just in your gut, it also lives in a woman vagina.I guess i shoild of known that but it just didn't click at first. Well I recently found a website to help pregnant get rid of it naturally so im doing some things like take cinnamon and garlic but I guess I need to do them all. Has anyone else had any luck?  Any updates ladies?
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I had suffered for 9 years with GBS until I realized that GBS is only a problem when there is an imbalance in the natural flora. I started taking certain probiotics and it made a difference. However, the thing that finally cured the problem for good was an energy machine called the Ondamed.   This machine targets bacteria with energy that destroy the bacteria. After 9 years of having GBS, only 2 minutes using the Ondamed wiped the problem out for good. I could not believe how long I had suffered because I did not know about this treatment option. It is so good to know that if I ever get reinfected I can get it treated quickly.
Hi what is Ondamed?
It is an energy machine. The machine takes about 5 minutes to target the bacteria at an energy level that will destroy it. Check out Ondamed’s website to find a local practitioner.   I wish I had found out about this machine years ago. It would have reduced my need for antibiotics for the last three decades. I have not had any antibiotics in over a year which is amazing given my history. Ondamed will clear up other infections in addition to GBS.
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Hello ladies. I too have had issues for the past 2 months and after being diagnosed with a yeast infection (that wasn't the problem) and being given the wrong treatments, I finally found out I was strep b positive.

The thing is, sometimes physicians think they've seen it all and know it all and unfortunately give us the wrong treatment that makes us worse and I feel as though I have to go in telling my physician what they need to do, in my case, do the right testing. Eventually when the correct test results came back (after I insisted on it), a simple smear test (after being tested for all STD's, and having multiple urine and blood tests done) I was given antibiotics which the follow up test showed has cleared the strep b, however, I am still left with burning and discomfort, it's actually making me pretty depressed as you all know what a struggle this all is. To be totally frank, because I had read so much about strep b being so hard to beat, I think while going through the antibiotic treatment I kept believing that it wasn't going to work and of course I still have symptoms after the infection is gone. which is probably a combination of all the wrong medication I received previously and my mind not wanting to believe the antibiotics were going to work

The point i'm trying to make here is, I know we all go online out of curiosity and desperation, but please please please, don't self medicate, don't use all sorts of natural remedies that may not be beneficial to you and your body. My specialist is telling me vinegar baths may have caused more irritation than good in my case

Go and see your Dr immediately, if you see them guessing what it might be you have put your foot down, ask to be tested so you know and they know what it actually wrong.

I feel like all this medication and ointments i've been given have made my body very sensitive and I'm going back to my specialist to see what I need to do now, as I am still burning.

I know we all mean well and want to be helpful but reading posts online could be dangerous and scary, our situations are all different and our bodies are all different. Reading about familiar symptoms may trick our brains into believing we have a condition that we don't really have or that we may not heal because someone else hasn't, this could be very dangerous as the mind has the power to affect the body.  

As for me, I have stopped all the other treatments I was given and i only follow what my specialist has told me to do until I see him again soon so hopefully we can beat this beast, whatever it is

So go see your doctor and take care of you. The only thing that has always helped me a little is meditation, it may not heal but it will calm you down. Much love to anyone who's suffering, you will heal
Hi all, I just wanted to give you an update of my situation. As you can see in the answers above I've posted here the last couple of years about my (former) debilitating GBS vaginal infection. After my regimen with intravaginal DHEA, probiotics and a vaginal gel by Multi-gyn (see regimen explained above), I'm better than ever. I don't have to use the vaginal DHEA and probiotics anymore. Every couple of days, I put some of the Multi-gyn vaginal gel in, just for maintenance and because it also helps me with my UTI's from sexual intercourse (I don't get them anymore after years and years of suffering!). I feel like i'm completely back to normal and I enjoy sexual intercourse again.

I believe the trigger for my GBS was that I had done severe damage to my vaginal flora after having multiple yeast infections and UTI's, which caused the GBS to take control. Stopping every harsh treatment and restoring the vaginal flora was the trick for me, using methods I had found in scientific articles on PubMed.

I have promised myself that I would continue to give you all updates as the years go by, because once I was so desperate with this condition that I thought about giving up on life. Doing research and trying different treatments consumed my life and made me utterly miserable. If I can just help one person with my regimen I would just be so happy. Ladies who are still suffering, please hang in there. I know it may not seem like it after years and years of trouble (I know all about it), but there is a genuine possibility life will become normal for you again. Much love to everyone out there!
And please do not forget that restoring your vaginal flora doesn't happen overnight. It took months for me to feel better. During this period, try not to have sexual intercourse (I truly healed when I stopped having sex for a few months), try not to douche or use other harsh treatments and medications. It will take a long time for the lactobacilli to take over from the bad strep bacteria and recover your healthy vaginal flora again. This may sound stupid, but remember that bacteria can take a long time to grow, if we grow them on a petri dish this may take more than a week, but if you throw in bad bacteria (strep) or other harsh chemicals it may never happen. Lactobacilli are very fragile. So consider your vagina as your own sacred petri dish and try to grow the good bacteria again without intervening too much. I'm afraid there isn't such thing as an overnight cure, and in my experience all the antibiotics destroyed my flora even more. Best of luck!
Hi, I have 2 questions : did you have some kind of discharge and if yes- what was it like? And during the healing process were you on some diet like no sweet, no white bread etc.? Thanks in advance.
Oh and for how long did you use multigyn actigel ?
And one more- dhea is a hormone, so were you afraid that by putting a hormone into your body it may result in hormonal disbalance, because if your dhea levels are normal then by putting it  inside your body, the levels may grow in excessice amounts . And p.s. I am very happy for you. You brought my will back. I just started your regiment by putting multigyn every night but for now there is no result ( it has been only a week after all). So when I find this probiotic that you wrote and dhea pills I will start doing it all properly.
P.s. How much time after the beginning of the treatment did you start to feel better and the symptoms to disappear?
And did alocohol affect your UTI badly. For example after a night of drinking was it more painful for you to pee than the everyday pain?
Also did you have burning feeling when you put multigyn ?
And did you have some days when you felt better and after that- worse than ever, then good again and bad again an so on.
And for how long did you take the probiotic with lactob. Rhamnosus and reuteri?
And since you feel good again , have you taken antibiotics for some other reason like angina or smth else? If yes what was the result?
I feel hopeful after reading your comments… What exactly is DHEA treatment? And can you tell me which pub med articles you read? And how are you improved your badge in the flora which probiotics you talk? I have been dealing with this for four years and it’s creating a lot of depression and hopelessness I really feel like I will never enjoy sex again
Hi I feel hopeful after reading that you got better. Can you tell me which pubmed article see you read,  And what you did to get better for example what probiotics you talk? And did you still take antibiotics for the GBs ??
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apple cider vinegar kills strept and staph.  protects vaginal ph to prevent yeast.  plain and simple.
Hi there. Thanks for commenting. The only problem I have here is that douching is not recommended so if you are suggesting that, it actually usually creates more of an issue for women.  It washes out flora that we need to have a healthy balance.  :>)
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