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Vaginal Vibrating/Pulsing/Throbbing Sensation

I have been experiencing a pulsing/throbbing sensation for almost 2 weeks now in my vaginal/anal area. I am 31 so I am not approaching menopause and I am not pregnant.

The sensation will last anywhere from 15 seconds to 5 minutes and it just happens day or night, there’s no external stimuli.

My boyfriend says that my body is making a noise and he can tell when it is starting/going. I don’t have good hearing and am not able to hear what he hears.

This sensation does not hurt. At night I can be heard talking about going to cum, the bed moves, my breathing changes but I’m not actually touching myself (this has been recorded).

During the day I have said phrases like “I’m going to cum” under my breath and I have gyrated my hips while experiencing this sensation.

I initially thought this would go away on its own because I am not experiencing any pain. I hid/lied about this to boyfriend because I am ashamed of it.

I have seen my primary doctor and she has ran a few tests (ultrasound, Papsmear, x-ray of pelvis, and blood work). It has only been a few days and am still waiting for the results, the only thing I do know is that I don’t have a UTI or yeast infection.

This experience and my actions has put my relationship in serious strain and I don’t like feeling this sensation ALL the time. I am exhausted and don’t know what to do.

Any feedback/help from anyone who may have experienced this or know what I can ask my doctor to look at/for would be very helpful!!!
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I'm not sure about your boyfriend hearing something as that sounds semi 'off'. Just being honest. Let's deal with what YOU feel.

You did the right thing to go to your ob/gyn and have an evaluation.  I hope that you told them about the sensation you've been experiencing.

If that reveals nothing, still continue to work with your doctor. The genital area is quite vascular and contains many nerves. Believe it or not, a pulsating, tingling, vibrating feeling in the vaginal area is common. Unless it is painful, it is typically no reason for concern. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/vibrating-vagina

Something that could be helpful is to try pelvic floor exercises.  My Y has a yoga class for this but you can certainly find so many on youtube or whatnot. Pelvic floor dysfunction is when you have weak or tight pelvic floor muscles.  This can happen for different reasons.

Also, you can have muscle spasms brought on by stress, anxiety, fatigue or nutritional deficiencies.  

Also, read about Vaginismus.  Another fairly common issue. https://www.webmd.com/women/vaginismus-causes-symptoms-treatments. That does take you back to what is mentioned already. Doing things like kegal exercises or looking into the stress/anxiety issues.

Probably the last thing I'd consider is a nerve entrapment.  It can happen.  Stretching can relieve that.
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He has recordings of sounds that are coming from me when I’m sleeping. The AC isn’t on and there isn’t a fan either but you can hear a noise in the recording and it suddenly stops when he begins to enter the bedroom.

Then you just hear me breathing.

I am not using any sex toys or anything like that (that I am aware of because I am asleep).

We’re both trying to understand the noise because it is noticeable to him and I can hear it in the recording.
Have you, yourself, heard your body make the sound that is on the recording? Or have you only felt the vibrations?
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To add additional information on the noise my boyfriend hears, he says it sounds like I have a vibrator going in my vagina/anal area.

To his credit he is able to hear it and tell whenever this is happening to me even if he’s in a different room/area of the house (that’s how loud the sound is).
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