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What could this vaginal lump be?

I have a wrinkly lump inside my vagina along with foul-smelling discharge, pelvic pain, etc. I can’t seem to find anything online that looks like what it might be.
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Do you think the wrinkly lump is new? There is a place in the vagina that could feel kind of like a wrinkly lump (it's like the part of the pubic bone you could feel from inside the vagina) and it's normal. But if you have often checked how your vagina feels and know this hasn't been there before, how about something like genital warts? Do you have any exposure to someone who could have passed them to you?

Foul-smelling discharge and pelvic pain etc. should be checked, whether these are associated with the wrinkly lump or are separate issues. It sounds like it's time to see your ob/gyn.
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