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What is this rash on my stomach and groin?

I’ve got a rash in my groin, a single and a single, ring shaped rash on my stomach. I’ve had them for around a month. I live in Malawi, Southern Africa. At first I thought it was psoriasis, as I’ve had guttate psoriasis in the past, but now I don’t think so. It isn’t very itchy, and has spread a bit, but not markedly. The rash in my groin is red/orange colour and scaly/plaque-like, with lots of tiny red bumps and dots, while the one on my stomach is a small oval ring shape, with an outer edge that’s redder. Could it be ringworm or another fungal infection? I’ve been putting canesten cream (Clotrimazole) on for the past 4 days, but there’s no obvious improvement.  
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Do you have access to a doctor you can get to?  I'd recommend getting to a doctor for an exam, it's difficult to guess what a rash is based off of a brief description- you need a doctor to give you an exam and gather more information about your medical history to give you an accurate diagnosis.  
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