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What is this stuff coming out of my vagina?

Okay i'm a 14 year old girl turning 15 soon and i have this clear gooie i guess substance coming out of my vagina. It smells kind of but not really and it happens ALL of the time. Like everday more than once a day. And sometimes every once in a while this gooie white stuff come out of it. i'm really worried but my friend said its normal and not to worry. Please someone help me! i don't want to talk to my mom about it because i'm afraid she'll make me go to one of those doctor's that girl's have to go see for down there and i don't want to at all! D:>
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It's very normal and my daughter is always worried about it. She is twelve and it just started with her. I can understand why you wouldnt want to go to the doctor and most girls dont, but once you start going you will get used to it.The only time you really need to worry is if it become and odd color or you start itching a lot or if it becomes painful. You need to try and be comfortable with your mom. I am sure she has been through it all as well. Take care and I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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if it smell i say you need to c a Dr
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discharge is very normal and changes appearance throughout your cycle. it is usually very clear and runny kind of like egg whites around time of ovulation and then thickens again and turns white. As long as there is not a strong odor, a cottage cheese appearance or pain you should be ok.
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Yes it is very normal! :) thats part of being a girl. But im not sure your mom would make you go to one since your still too young and it sounds very normal. you should try and open up to your mom. she might be able to comfort you and your worries. thats what moms are for :) good luck!
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