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Why am I lactating??

I am a 39 yo woman, not pregnant(2 at home tests),that had my tubes tied 4yrs ago after my 3rd child and I've started lactating! I'm not soaking shirts or anything, I but definitely am producing milk.not knowing what it may/maynot be connected to I'll give you the breakdown of recent medical events. 3months ago I had bloodwork come back as follows: low thyroid, low hemoglobin,
high glucose,platelet count,and CEA. Calcium in blood slightly high,and more. its the 3rd complete bloodworkup I've had in 1 yr,so the differences were a shock. Some were barely outside normal,bu Ive never had any of that outside normal range. All these we've done in an effort to find the cause of dizzy spells I've had for 3 yrs that rendered me unconscious once resulting in a major concussion (with lingering effects still) and 3 staples in my head. Those dizzy spells are more frequent and prominent than before and include severe pain and heaviness in limbs and severe hot flash (body temp rises noticibky) and ringing in ears while all other sounds seem far away. It usually subsides after a cpl mins with immediately sitting. They're brought on with the use/tension of my shoulder muscles. Adding insult to injury I don't have my kids now. My 4 yo I haven't seen in months. I'm beyond mentally broken and I'm barely able to maintain a normal appearance daily. I wonder if lactating could even just be a mental breakdown type thing, missing my baby? I weaned her at 1 followed by postpartum depression thinking she hated me for stopping nursing.
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Your the first person I have come across with symptoms similar to my own minus the lactating. Is your dizzness room spin dizzy? Mine isn't...
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And it's funny I had my 3rd bany 4 years ago too lol and also had my tubes tied same day.
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I had this as well when I was in my 20's.  It was a hormonal problem.  The things they checked that are common to check on when you have this symptom are A. if you have a small tumor(benign and harmless) in your pituitary gland.  They check it by MRI.  They are pretty common and again harmless.  I was checked and did not have one. So, then the next thing they checked was my hormone levels.  Which were off.  Way off.  I produced too much estrogen and had a slow thyroid.  This was determined to be the cause of my lactating which wasn't really like 'milk' when I nursed my babies.  

Your ob/gyn  is a good one to see about this and I would not be scared. It is a very common problem!
As my boyfriend and i looked into it we are very interested in the pituitary tumor - it seemed to fit the bill. I go in to see my doctor tomorrow and I have my first appointment with the OB on Friday. It was just crazy how quick my blood work changed from being the same results I've had all my life and two other times this year even and then boom nothing's right on it. Is that how yours was?
I mean how do your hormones go from 0 to 60 overnight? Other than obvious things like the pituitary problem
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wow that is a lot to handle! When I read to your symptoms I believe I have the same thing and my son was kidnapped and sold for money
The dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, sore shoulder muscles. These are things I've had almost regularly in the past 5 years. The trauma of CPS and family court corruption put so much stress on me emotionally, physically and financially that my health has gone severely downhill. Have you looked into vertigo? PTSD?  Hopelessness? Insomnia?
Hi danslady.  Have you had your thyroid checked? Just asking.  Thyroid issues can happen when we have a low level of depression or depression can happen when we have a low level of hypothyroid.  They are often interrelated.  They cause some of these symptoms.  That is pretty incredible about your son.  At first I couldn't tell if you were joking but I don't think you are!  I sincerely hope everything is okay!!  The other thing----  I had a bit of a scare.  Something that caused almost like a panic attack.  And it triggered vertigo for me.  I have on and off again eustachian tube dysfunction in my ear.  It causes ringing ear, dizzy spells, ear fullness etc.  Normally when it is triggered, it happens after a cold or something.  But after this panic attack, I had one of my worst episodes ever.  My doctor told me that there is a nerve in the same area and if it is aggravated, it triggers the vertigo, dizziness, ear ringing.  Ugh, sounds a bit weird to write it and I don't usually because it's like a really off chance.  But something about how you wrote your post made me think of it.  
Omgosh DansLady, i pray that that situation eventually came out okay! And in response to the questions and asked about vertigo and PTSD and what not - my Dr performed a simple test in his office after I had gotten my concussion and we learned some things I thought were normal about myself that are not... Like when he had me close my eyes standing up put his hands on my shoulders and wobbled them a little bit I kind of swayed in a circle like a tree about to fall. Also he would have me touch the palm of his hand while standing,first with my eyes open then with my eyes closed, and then move his hand and do it again. The idea is that your brain is supposed to remember how to get your finger to that hand when your eyes are closed but I couldn't do it at all... Never did make contact from my finger to his hand. That may have been partly due to the concussion but not fully because I've always gotten a little bit busy or begin to sway anyways with my eyes closed. Sometimes I get dizzy for seemingly no reason and it's like a severe motion sick feeling. Walking down the aisles of the grocery store when I feel like that is enough to make me wonder curl in a ball on the floor and close my eyes LOL. That they told me is  vertigo. I was diagnoesd with PTSD years ago due to childhood trauma and circumstances surrounding my parents' death ... but the type of disease fall that cost me to fall and hit my head is completely different than anything...
As I work on the relationship with my autocorrect on this new phone, some weird things may sometimes seem to come from me. LOL it's my auto incorrect. As in my previous comment, the last line
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The actual  dizzy spells are several different things happening at once - the use of my shoulder muscles  is guaranteed to trigger these. On bad days its debitating. It starts with the kind of feeling that you get when you stand up too quick - vision starts to kind of go black and that weird dizzy feeling and then immediately from the shoulder muscles down both arms is a painful heavy burning to the point that my arms are rendered useless because they're too weak and hurt too bad to hold up their own weight. Sounds fade away and ringing takes their place, (all these are comparable to severe blood loss symptoms i experienced a few yrs ago when it was overlooked by docs until i was nearly dead with a whopping hemoglobin count of 4... the pain burning and having us in my arms can be described as lifting objects heavier than you should, longer than you should, over your head until literally and physically can't do it any longer. The way your arms tremble and feel weak and burn. All the while having an extreme tightness in my chest. My usualy high bp does something odd that i figured out recently-at that point it drops to anywhere between an astounding 50s/60s to 60s/70s and no higher. Most of the time if i immediately (and i mean IMMEDIATELY) sit down i can wait it out. Sometimes tho, the the spell doesnt become less intense by sitting and its scarily out of my control. Every single day, several times a day i have at least mild ones. But sometimes i have days that leave me drained from repeated severe spells
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