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adenocarcinoma insitu of cervix?

I was faithful to one man, but he slept around with many women including drug addicts, hard to tell these days. I finally broke up with him, and got together with my bf now. well found I had hpv, on top of that found out that pap smear was abnormal, not even 3 days later, found out it was cervical cancer. my ob was like, bad news is its adenocarcinoma which means its in your glands. its a rare form.... great!!!!! fantastic... luckily they caught it in time, because I found a dr who finally listened to me, but I needed a hysterectomy to get rid of it. he says now I have adenocarcinoma insitu because I don't have a cervix or a uterus, but it could come back and attack the walls of my vagina or my ovaries. Could this happen? Am I not in the clear?
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Wow, that's terrible!  I will say that HPV is very common and someone doesn't have to sleep with drug addicts or prostitutes to get it.  Hopefully next generations won't face this fear because they've gotten the vaccine!  

So, adenocarcinoma insitu is basically cancer stage 0 that hasn't spread.  It's precancer, basically.  You are going to be closely followed by your doctor?  I hope so!  They can do radiation therapy, freeze abnormal cells or scrape them off.  None of that sounds fun but unfortunately, it will keep the cancer at bay.  In situ means you watch and treat from now on.   They will manage the disease and maintain it from now on.  That you know is good and you'll be able to stay on top of it.  

But I'm really sorry you have to do that!  hugs
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I guess they was it was explained to me was that I had so much scar tissues and lesions on my cervix and uterus they really couldn't tell what was. He said I was lucky to get the hysterectomy when I did.
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I am sorry you are going through this. As specialmom said, HPV is common and most types do not cause cervical cancer.

Have you considered getting another opinion? Did you get a copy of the pathology report from the biopsy that was done prior to your hysterectomy as well as the one from the hysterectomy?
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The first one I had done was through my family doctor, my second one was done thru my ob, and my 3rd one was done by a specalist. All confirmed. But I never got a report, but they let me read the report that they got. I just  never thought to get a copy.
I had strand 13 hpv which was a cancer causing strand. There are 23 different strands. Only 3 cause cancer.
I think you are referring to the 3 HPV tests? I was referring to the pathology reports from the colposcopy (removal of cervical tissue) prior to your hysterectomy and the one from the removal of your uterus and cervix (hysterectomy).
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