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bleeding after using toothbrush for insertion

i am a trans man and have been on hormones for a bit, but thought vaginal dryness wouldn’t be an issue when masturbating today. i’ve never tried to use my electric toothbrush for this before, and it felt fine in the moment. afterwards, when i went to clean up, i noticed i was bleeding quite a bit. there was a small, but decently sized, puddle of blood + natural lubricant. the toothbrush was bloody as well. it freaked me out! i’m scared i really hurt myself. it’s been at least 5 minutes and the bleeding has mostly stopped but i’m still panicking a bit. i don’t feel any significant amount of pain, just minor discomfort and some anxious nausea.
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Has the bleeding stopped? Using a toothbrush is not the greatest idea, obviously. If you want to use a machine, get yourself a "toy," they are readily available.

If the bleeding is still ongoing, check with your doctor or a walk-in clinic.
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