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help i really dont know what to do now..it *****

wow i dont know where to start so please bear with me I am in wicked pain and my spelling is gonna stink.. I am 31 yrs old and have been living with chronic daily pain for almost 10 ten yrs. i have had fibro, myofascial pain sydrome and chronic mirgraines. I recentaly found out that i have arthrist in both in my hands and back. so i deal with a lot of pain every day, there isnt a day where my pain is below a 3 a the pain scale. since i do deal with this so much, its easy to tell when something new is going on with my body.  thank gods my family doctor is great, she knows and trusts me enough to help me when something new is going on..

i talked with my family doctor about these huge clots(told the ob this a few times about this and he told me it was normal), so she sent me to have a ultra sound down. they found a 7 cm cyst on my right ovary.. so went right to the ob-which he ran a cancer blood test that day b/c cyst wasnt clear looking. a week later it came back 15 points above normal... he couldnt belivie i wasnt in there months ago with huge amounts of pain, any normal person would have been dieing..

well 4weeks ago monday, i had a the lapo surgery and  it took them over 3 hours to do my surgery b.c of all the bluit up scar tissue i had from past operations, the cyst had grown to over 10 cm just in 2 weeks. i ended up having my left ovary out, part of the tube, and the cyst removed. the cyst was also hooked to my pevlic wall.i ended up having very bad Endometriomas in the left ovary and they couldnt save it but the right one looked clean. the ob did talk with my family about 3 1/2 hours after i went in and only to say i had Endometriomas, i had the left ovary removed, i was cancer free. he never came to talk with me before i went home, infact no doctor even looked me over or talked with me at all..i have had many sugeries and always had some kind of doctor check me out and talks to me before leaving the hosptial.

since surgery i am so bloated i look like i am 9 months preggers, i cant wear any jeans at all or wasted pants, or underwear. it took me a week to move my bowels, or to have any gas let out. i have baisically been living in pjs..i had had huge pain all over my left side, to the point i am crying myself to sleep every night, when i can sleep-i have to sleep with 1-2 pillows under my left side and heat padings on my side. i cant cough, pee, lay down, laugh or do much walking with out wanting to cry. the ob told me this should have gone away(my post op apt was 2 weeks ago) and i should be fine with in days. all day it feels like i am being stabbed in the gut, it hurts omg so bad..and i am still having pain in my right shoulder, very sharp pains. i am not sleep more than 2 hours a night..again my surgery was almost a month ago..

we told my ob during my recheck, we called him the week after, he never got back to us. so my hubby kept calling and calling. the ob office us they would only see me after i went and see my family doctor. so we made the appt to see her and my ob apt right after that.  so i go and my family doctor flipped. for many reasons-i am so huge with bloating, my bowels are not moving right, she says they are way to quite, when she pressed lightly i was in complete tears..she wanted me to go get 4 different xrays and two different ultrasounds on thursday(which i went for monday at the er). she also re did a ua test just in case.. she wants me on pain meds every 4 hours till my pain is under control-she says she wants me on them for at least 1-2 weeks steady..i asked her if i should still go to my apt with the ob and she told me its up to me but she is covering every test she can think of. one thing she thinks maybe happening is my scar tissue is swelling up so bad its pressing on my colon and maybe other organs.. she said it maybe be i am ok-but she was leaning more towards something it up.. so we called and cancled the ob apt and just said family doctor is willing to take care of me.
so monday i go to the er b/c i was in unbareable pain. got the xrays and ultrasounds done, a ua test and bloodwork. everything came back ok- but two things. i have a fluid sack under some scar tissue near my incession and my bowels are all backed up. told me to go out and by ex lax and sent me home...
well i went back to the ob two days ago..he tried to drain the fluid sack-got little to noithing out. he told me that my bloating was hitting my lungs so that is why i am having the shoudler pains. he didnt understand why i am still in so much pain and why i am so bloated. so he sent me for a cat scan.. he called me yesterday and day the cat showed the fluid sack and the my bowels are backed out. he told me there is noithing he can do to help me. the fluid sack will go away soon and just to heat the area. i told him how much pain i was in, that i wasnt sleepin and that i was having bowel movements so how am i backed up.. to this he said well with your pain history i dont know if its your other illnesses doing this(pain wise), to that i just started bawling. i said i know my boday- with the fibro etc its a acke, this is a stabbing like someone is knifing me..again he said there is nothing he can do..
so i am waiting for my family doc to call back now..
am i stupid or crazy?? if i am that blocked up shouldnt they be doing somthing about it?? i need to be better, my hubby is away on base for the next two weeks, we thought i would be better by now not worse than the day i had sugery...i dont know what to do know
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I'm really sorry you're having such a time of it , but if I may;

I think you posted just the other day and when you have updates, there's no need to repost the entire original post.. People are more likely to read a shorter update.

And, unfortunately, we aren't Dr's here. It sounds like you have a lot going on. If you're not happy with your present Dr., perhaps a second opinion is warranted.. and...

A lot of this isn't related to ovaries, so it may be helpful for you to post on the Women's Health Forum... Good luck..
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i did post something like this the other day, i only got one reply so i though perhaps i didnt put in threw with the all the areas or something,  so i thought i would give it one more shot, in hopes to hear from others that maybe like me out there..

i do no that people here are not doctors, but i do know that a lot of the times there are others out there that may have gone threw something out of the norm. i run a lot of support groups for chronic pain illnesses- it always nice to hear that your not a freak and it maybe has happened to someone else.

i thought i did cut a lot of what i had posted out before and added i did add in the updates, but maybe i didnt cut out as much as i thought. the last 4 weeks have been hell on earth for me and my mind isnt where it should be i am sorry for that. now my hubby is on base away from us 2 weeks, so its just me and the kids. i guess i needed a place to be heard, or advice b/c i am scared and i hate being is so much pain around my kids..

this all started with a ovarin cyst, then my surgery that removed the cyst, left ovary and some of my f.tube..everything i have been going threw happened after i had this surgery, so thats why i thought it went here, sorry about that..but thanks for the thoughts- i think i just am better off not posting and just dealing with this on my own.

i did say in my post since i wasnt happy with the ob and his treatment of me, i went back to my family doctor..i guess i just run this out and pray for the best till we find out what is wrong.
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