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pregnant and chronic back pain

Im currently 9 weeks pregnant and I have been taking moraphine 30mg 3 times a day for my lower back but when i found out that i was pregnant I stopped taking it all together well now I can barely do anything what are the side effects of taking this medicationwhile pregnant. I really dont want it to hurt my baby but I'm scared that as I get bigger I am going to bein so much pain and I already have a 18month old to keep up with! Is there any pain medication that is safe obvisouly I have tried all the over the counter things.
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Talk to your doc about this.  I hope you find the cause of the pain and can fix that.
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I just found out I am five weeks pregnant. From taking narcotics can cause sever emotional disorder for child later in life. I am scared to death I found out when I went in for a spinal injection. I have trumendus lower lumbar pain and my spine is fused together. I take 8mg diladid and now 30 mg morphene. I quit taking the morphene and been spliting the diadid in half. Anyone know of any herbal r natural pain relief? I already harly eat due to sever pain even with the meds please help. I have degenerative disc diese and fibromialgia. My ob says I have to see a specialist because they feel I will not be able to deliver vaginaly.
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Hello ladies, I am also trying to figure out how to deal with chronic pain and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. I am still in shock (but happy to have a little one on the way!) ...still I am very anxious about what to do to deal with the extreme lower back/hip/shoulder/neck pain, sleeplessness, stomach issues, anxiety, etc...If any of you got through it well and have advice, please pass it on. Thanks!!
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