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which multivitamin is better for women over 50 Centrum or One A Day?

which multivitamin is better for women over 50 Centrum or One A Day?
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The "over 50" vitamins for women usually are formulated without iron (or without much), on the assumption that the woman taking the vitamin would have gone through menopause. If that is the case for you, any multi that is formulated for women over 50 would be about as good as any other, for as much as they do anyway. (Multi-vitamins are not the best way to get your vitamins.) If looking at a multi-vitamin, pay attention to how much of various things (such as D3) is in the vitamin, and try to get a full dose. In my case I take D3, calcium and vitamin C in addition to any other vitamins, because my family has a history of osteoporosis and I can see it coming if I don't. In short, your vitamin intake should be according to your health. Food provides better sources of vitamins than pills do, so do a little work online and look up how much you're getting from the diet you eat. If you increase your leafy greens and fish and citrus, that will cover a lot of bases. Good luck!
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