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why is there a pain in my stomach after being fingered? Am i pregnant? Help

So Sunday my boyfriend fingered me and he went fast, i was fine afterwards but the next day i started cramping and feel nauseous. Following up with feeling gassy. It went away but came back the next day. This has been happening for 3 days now. My boyfriend and I have NEVER had sex. I am still a virgin. Will the pain go away? Or am i pregnant?
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You aren't going to get pregnant from fingering. :>)  You need to have intercourse with a penis in your vagina for pregnancy.  Yo sound like you are having pms and a tummy ache.  Your period is probably on the way.  good luck
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Thank you this helps
Would Advil still be ok to take?
Yes, you can take advil as you aren't pregnant.  You don't take advil if you are having a baby and just have to stick to Tylenol but you aren't pregnant, so you can take it.  Hope this is already better!
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