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I feel a 'tad' better today - about 5% improvement. Still shaky, racing thoughts, ...
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A true story of something amazing that happened last night. My cat the Doctora
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by zaftig1, Jun 27, 2011
so I had to cancel my 1st bipolar group session which made me cranky as all get out. I kno...
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by peppy1201, Jun 14, 2011
I started a group CRPS on this site to help people and get my mind off of my stress and pa...
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In the back of my mind. Today was YAP. I woke up and it was so early and so I kept tryin...
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I was so tired and unwilling to do anything. So I just didn't. I stared at the wall, a...
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by sarah540, Aug 31, 2009
today I have group at 4 and im excited for once. All the teens in it are younger than me so...
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by sarah540, Aug 30, 2009
Everyday I am clean I suprise myself and aam proud of myself. My family seems to be growing...
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by AnimeKitty, Aug 10, 2009 - 4 Comments
Well this nightmare was just the begginning of a string of nightmares that lasted for five ...