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I have had lyme disease for the past 6 months. I am being treated by a LLND in California ...
Ok guys and gals. Do any other Lymies suffer with Wry Neck (Australian?????? I don't know ...
Well, it is not so much a question .....more like a mini news flash! For those interested ...
Are Low Vitamin D levels associated with Lyme disease. My Lab work came back with my Vit D...
About 1 week ago I had protected sex with a tranny in Australia. She was foreign (south eas...
Hello everyone. An Australian on the thyroid board said that there is a test for CFS in Au...
Hello everyone. There is an Australian poster on this thyroid board that once mentioned th...
Now youve all heard of us,now what are your opinions!!
Hello Im vacationing in australia and for the past week i have had trouble breathing when w...
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One of the most effective, powerful and pure trans - resveratrol products available in...
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