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My periods are irregular, but this is the first time that i take this long (3 month without...
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by marmar11323, Apr 20, 2015
My boy friend an I had sex on the 6th of April, we used aa condom but it broke, I took pla...
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Hi lady's am new to all this but stressing my self crazy now have bought clomid off net...
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As of today i am 11 days late from my period. I had a pack of Birth control bein...
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Havent been on here in awhile. So ive heard and read that each pregnancy is different. Well...
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by kyraeliese, Jun 13, 2012
took pregnancy test and pregnancy was confirmed
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by valeriecorske, Apr 15, 2012
once again. pregnancy test tomorrow morning. nervous today was first day delay. hope tomor...
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by SeptemberBound, Jan 16, 2012 - 9 Comments
I had my first blood pregnancy test and it came back positive :-) my beta is at 544. That ...
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by Tinkerbell91, Dec 21, 2011
Am very worried what is going on with period and I'm 15 days late. I have had ...
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by kimmielou137, Nov 27, 2011
Ok so i took my clomid at the beginning of the month. I had multi mood swings and even felt...