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Journals about arms

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by samantha830, Dec 15, 2012
I can't handle the pain much more, the medicine isn't helping very much, and the pa...
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i am 15 and i've had eczema for my whole life. now that that is getting a little better...
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by bebe2011, Jul 11, 2011 - 9 Comments
Starting weight-263 chest(in)- 40 right arm-19 left arm- 18 waist- 47 hips- 54 3/4 r...
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by pennyhurtz, Feb 27, 2011
good morning to all boy do my under arms hurt bad
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by natcarpe10, Feb 08, 2011
my left calf muscle and the muscle in my arm have been tender the last couple days. i did s...
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by daydreamer101, May 08, 2010 - 3 Comments
Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like my entire right arm wasn'...
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by JenEpicFarms, Mar 21, 2010
Purple pinky on LH for several seconds. Sharp pain repeatedly on LS under arm (bra area). L...
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by JenEpicFarms, Mar 17, 2010
Lots of random pain today; heartbeat hiccupy. Bedtime, strange sensation of ocean waves lap...
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by Emma_Lou, Jan 12, 2010
Still no scales!!! This in itself is driving me mental... I wanna see how much i've los...
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by Aleen217, Nov 12, 2009
It started last night. My feet and ankles are huge!!! My arms and hands are still falling a...