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After lunch yesterday (black bean shrimp), 10 minutes after finishing eating, my under eye ...
Maybe stupid ??? But can I eat a bowl of shrimp flavored ramen, the Japanese kind with rea...
I am 17w+5d pregnant and I have been craving a shrimp cocktail for dayyyyyyyyys but I have ...
Can I eat fried shrimp while pregnant?
Can we eat shrimp while pregnant?
Can I eat shrimp?
hi can i eat shrimp just cooked with lemon??? Is it very dangerous for my baby? Im 12!weeks...
Can we eat shrimp?
Stupid question but can you eat shrimp?!
Is it safe to eat captain D's fried shrimp while pregnant?
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by efranftw, Feb 10, 2011
Came back to office deport after having been gone for a long time. Can't find my ...
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Hits my stomach; it hurts. I'll eat a kitten if you can prove to me those pills ar...