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Journals about tomorrow

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I went to the Dr. today and got another ultrasound I'm 6 weeks and 6 days <3 estimat...
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by gottaBstrong, Oct 10, 2013
I am greatly anticipating what will come tomorrow, my first day of detox. Although this isn...
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For the sixjillienth time, I have sought-out a website that can hopefully keep me on the st...
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by tinaduncan22, Sep 05, 2012
Yes all this waiting and my paper work went through and I get to start training tomorrow.
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by mollybaby, May 10, 2012
another new leg to this journey finally going to have something done with my neck to start ...
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Today will be the last day I even take codeine and will be clean Tomorrow will be the start...
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by chloemichelle, Sep 18, 2011
Not looking forward to class tomorrow but I do not really have anything due so I will be ok...
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by babs824, Sep 30, 2010
todays pattern mimicked recent days. nice to have a sense of new normal. i feel blessed to ...
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I just had a lasy not wanting to see people day. Dont know why but just wanted to stay hom...
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by lil_lady25, Jul 06, 2010 - 14 Comments
Not sure whats going on but my preggo symptoms are definitely subsiding. Nausea has gone do...