Cyberknife, Robotic Radiation System. My 7th liver HCC cancer treatment
Cyberknife, Robotic Radiation System. My 7th liver HCC cancer treatment
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jerialice, Sep 06, 2013
kinda reminds me of a space aquarium!
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BoceprevirGal, Sep 06, 2013
Wow, amazing equipment. built to do the trick.
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Reidmusic, Sep 06, 2013
Whoa, that looks a little intimidating. That Cyberknife looks like it's ready to attack.
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mzkity, Sep 06, 2013
Wow, that's aaaaa interesting.
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Dee52in12, Sep 07, 2013
It would scare the baheebies out of meWish I knew how to make a shiver down my spine pic like we do smiley faces. You are so brave!
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HectorSF, Sep 07, 2013
Brave? Not really. I just don't want to die. So any option that can prevent me from dying soon from liver cancer is fine with me. It looks like my best chances of effectively treating my tumor after 3 total failures and one partial response. I just hope it works. I will know in the next few weeks. I am meeting the radiology oncologist next Thursday and will learn more about the treatment.
I don't want to even imagine the cost of these treatments. My other treatments were about $60,000 each. The bill for this one has got to be humongous. But if it saves my life.... PRICELESS! at least for me. :-)) Howie
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rivll, Sep 07, 2013
Whether you have a choice in the matter, you are a very dear and brave man.
I thank you for taking us with you on your journey. It is an immeasurable help to me and I am sure, others.
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HectorSF, Sep 07, 2013
R, you are too kind, I am humbled by your generosity.

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can-do-man, Sep 07, 2013
Only kryptonite kills Superman so my money is on you Clark, I mean Howie......:)
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pooh55811, Sep 07, 2013
Thinking of you, Howie, and wishing you the best.