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190.0 lb
Weight change:
Lost 6.0 lb
Current weight:
184.0 lb
Goal weight:
133.0 lb
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Goal tracking ended.
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Goal tracking ended.
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22 lbs down, that is great! I see that you have slipped a bit over the Month. I too was down about the same amount of weight, early summer but I have put almost all that weight back on. So Starting yeaterday, I'm back to try and watch what I and how much I eat. I just wanted to give you some encouraging words to get back to what you were doing. Stay the course, you'll feel better.
Journals for this Tracker

Nov 24, 2011
I started the year @ 154lbs, and was a small UK 12, which I was happy with, but I'm now pregnant, and have ballooned! I've put on 30lbs! Not all this is Baby wei...
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