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hello to all. I've been finding the forum a great place to read information, hear experences, and even laugh once in awhile. I've sai...
Was flagged at the pharmacy for trying to fill a prescription for ambien I had just had filled 6 days before at another pharmacy...so I’v...
Once upon a time many years ago, this forum was a place where the disco lights would turn on and we could have a party on the virtual dan...
I have a roomate that used to be clean and sober but now isn't. I get along with him ok on a hi and bye basis, but he drinks, has a porno...
I cant figure out how to join communities..... Would grealty appreciate some help on this :)
i was a member of this site 10-11 years ago and used this and the other addiction forum as a way to cope during my withdrawal period. peo...
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