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Here again and I have a couple questions day 4

I am here again. I was here when i was fresh out of highschool 15 years ago. Since then ive been clean and relapsed. I want this to be the last time I go through this. My W.D.s  are not that terrible. I have having some hard time getting some sleep. roughly 5 hours a night. I have been smoking to help ease symptoms. My normal routine would be roughly 15 days out of the month ill eat 10-12 norco 10s, roughly another 10 days that I took 10-12 50 mg tramadol. Then the odd days I would then take suboxone to make it to when I can get the norco.
I am not feeling super bad w.d.s do you think its from hoping from one med to the other?
Thank you.
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I  dont know the answer but i do know that suboxone will not allow norcos etc to mwork due to its antagostic effect. My advice would be, stick to one drug, preferably the suboxone and figure out a daily schedule of when to take etc..jan
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Thanks. I am now more than 10 months sober. It was rough in the beggining. I feel great .
I’m so happy for you.  
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