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This forum is for general pet health questions, such as questions about medications, parasites, vaccines, infectious diseases, breed specific and genetic problems.
Do bug bites make a dogs brest swell up really big and then drain blood? If not what happens when they have brest cancer
Dr. Clifford, For the past six to seven months my pitbull/boxer mix has been dealing with a recurring outbreak of small, itchy, and ...
My dog coughs as though he has something stuck somewhere, I cannot see anything, he eats quite well, Could it be lung worms or could it ...
My dog is a welsh springer spaniel and has two large cancerous lumps in her right arm pit, between her ribcage and elbow, the vet says he...
So I have an elderly dog, I don't know how old for sure. But he started puking and diarrhea all other over the place. My Mom read online ...
My Maltese ear seems to look irritated but it doesn't seem to bother her (from my point of view). It is really red and dry and flaky like...
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