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Autonomic Dysfunction Community

I have heat in the groin and perineum as well as the upper left limb, it is a heat that can be felt, excessive, constant and permanent an...
37 year old Caucausian male, 5'8 and 150 pounds. Fit and muscular for all of my life. It started back in December of 2019. I was getting...
Had chronic burping start out of the blue august 21 2020. It would build up gas and pressure in chest endlessly and need to burp but it...
Hi all, I donated blood last night and have been feeling really POTSy (my term for when I'm really experiencing my symptoms badly) and I...
So great to read other people's posts and realized I'm not alone on this bizarre journey. I'm a 40 year old female who was diagnosed with...
I have autonomic dysfunction. I don't know why, and I have yet to have a neurologist who is willing to see me. I have significant probl...
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